High Ticket Coaching Funnel #6: The Webinar Funnel

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You’ve dedicated your time and effort to create an exceptional webinar experience…

… that’s packed with valuable content ready to share with your audience. 

But here’s the challenge: 

How do you fill up your webinar room when there’s a sea of webinars out there?

The good news is, we’ve found the solution for you. 

After years of helping our clients skyrocket their businesses through webinars…

We’ve become skilled webinar experts and developed an effective Webinar Funnel framework.

This is the foundation to fill up your webinar room… it can also help you get a better ROAS (return on ad spend).  

In this video, we’ll explain how to construct a high-performing webinar funnel. 

We’ll also walk you through real-life examples of how we’ve successfully applied this strategy for our clients’ webinars. 

Don’t skip this video… we’re about to share our secret sauce that could make your business highly profitable with a webinar funnel. 


Hey, today I want to show you a new High Ticket Coaching Funnel, which is in this series of High Ticket Coaching Funnel, the 6th funnel. And it’s called the webinar funnel. And this is something that we do a lot of. So I’d like to share some of our experiences and a few tips to make this webinar funnel really successful for your business.

About Radical Marketing

My name is Terence. I’m from Radical Marketing. And what we do is we help coaches and course creators to sell high ticket offers through various funnels. Today, I really want to give you the whole structure of a webinar funnel and show you some examples and give you some pro tips so that you can actually create your own high converting webinar funnel. So let’s jump into it, shall we?

Ad Campaign and Landing Page

Here on the left-hand side where we have ads that basically go to landing page. Now if people don’t sign up on the landing page for the webinar. What will then happen is we will give them some retargeting ads so that we can bring them back because if they showed interest in the first place, maybe something happened where they got distracted by a dog or whatever and they did not sign up for the event.

Landing Page Example

Now what happens then, once they sign up, they go to a thank you page. So before we go into that, let me just basically give you an example of a landing page that we have created for one of our clients.

Thank You Page Importance

And then on the thank you page, this is the thank you page is very, very important. Now most people what they do is just say congratulations, you know, you’ve signed up for the webinar, you’re registered. I think this is a very important step where you can actually number one, tell them exactly what they need to do next right if they do the next two steps which is like whitelist their emails and you know add a Google Calendar to their time to the Google Calendar basically you will have better show up rates instead of just a quick thank-you page.

Indoctrination Sequence

So once they sign up and go to the thank you page, we will automatically send them a welcome email. And apart from the welcome email, they will be also sent an indoctrination sequence.

Reminder Sequence

And then closer to the date, we will have a reminder sequence where, you know, we remind them two days beforehand, one day beforehand, two hours beforehand, et cetera, et cetera, until the event happens. And that can come in the form of emails, SMS, WhatsApp.

Reminder Ads

And also, the other thing that we do here is we also will have reminder ads. Basically, what we want to do here is to remind people, hey, you’ve registered for this webinar.

Webinar Execution

Now, after the webinar, we won’t talk so much about the webinar itself because, yeah, it’s kind of like, you know, you know, you need to basically present a good webinar, right? But we won’t go in depth as to what you need to present and all that stuff here because that’s beyond the scope of this. What we want to do is to focus on the funnel itself.

Pitching Next Event and Replay

After the webinar, what you want to do is maybe you want to consider pitching the next event, the encore, right? And the other thing is, after that, you might want to pitch the replay of the webinar.

Shortened Version and Closed Cart Sequence

And the other thing that you might want to consider after pitching the replay is like, okay once you close down the replay, okay, what happens then is you might want to actually create a shortened version of your event in the format of a video sales letter.

Closed Cart Sequence

So after we have a closed cart sequence of maybe five to seven emails counting down from three days out or two days out and basically sending them emails until you have that countdown, and basically that whole thing shuts down, and they can’t buy anymore.

Deadline Funnels

Now, if you’re running webinars every week, you’re probably asking, how do I implement that? Because I can’t really close my cart, because I’m having webinars every single week. Well, the good news is you have a tool called Deadline Funnels.

Broad Overview and Extended Strategies

So that’s pretty much it. I just want to give you a very broad overview of a webinar funnel. What we construct sometimes can go longer, where we actually have a 30 days email sequence after the webinar.


Thanks, guys for watching this, and I really hope you got something of value from this webinar, funnel, breakdown. And yeah, please do implement those ideas and I hope you will experience more success with your webinars. If you’re on YouTube make sure you check out our other videos in this series and if you have come to the Radical Marketing website make sure you check out all the blog posts with a lot of case studies and useful marketing information that will help your high-ticket coaching business to grow.

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