High Ticket Coaching Funnel #4: The Quiz Funnel


How do you connect with your prospects on a personal level?

So that you can create personalised information that’s based on their individual situation and desires? 

The answer? 

A Quiz Funnel. 

The Quiz Funnel allows you to interact with each person that lands on your page. 

And by answering a series of questions… you can then personalise your offer or communication with them. 

While most people tend to scroll past ads without thinking twice…

Quizzes are different…people are always keen to take one – especially if there is a curious and fun quiz title…

And the quiz makes the process engaging…

…but at the same time, it will also help you to assess if they are suitable for your high-ticket offer. 

But how do you create a quiz that helps you get customers?

Watch this video as we uncover everything you need to know about the Quiz Funnel… we’ll even show you a demo of what a quiz funnel looks like. 

If your business is struggling to generate quality leads, or you are spending too much time dealing with people who are not qualified to do business with you, the Quiz Funnel could be the answer to your woes. 

Check out how you can build one in this video. 


Hi, this is Terence from Radical Marketing. Today I want to introduce you to High Ticket Coaching Funnel No 4, which is the Quiz Funnel. Let’s first of all give you a broad overview of what a quiz funnel looks like.

Quiz Funnel Structure:
Basically on the left hand side, you have your ad, which brings traffic to your quiz, and once they interact with your quiz and answer questions, they basically get a personalized offer and personalized results, and finally what happens is you have a personalized way of following up with all the people who have taken your quiz who are qualified.
Example Quiz for Insurance:
So let’s take a look at an example of what a quiz looks like that we constructed recently and we are actually, yeah, have done to generate leads for, in this case, an insurance company, right?
Quiz Questions and Personalization:
 Firstly, what we do here is we get them to answer a series of questions. So let’s basically go through this whole series of questions, right? And yeah, you can help them to personalize it.
Quiz Results and Follow-up:
And what do you think is your current insurance payout? So I’ll just type over a million. How many months of living expenses? Do you want your family to have? Ideally, of course, they never have to work again, right? Are you 100 % sure that your policies cover everything, right? So, no, I’m not too sure about that. When was the last time you had a review? I’ll say one to three years ago, okay?
Segmentation and Customization:
Am I a business owner or employee? Now, here is very… what happens here, I won’t get into the complexities of it, the technical stuff of it, is that if I answer business owner, I will get a different set of questions after that. Whereas if I answer employee, I will also get a separate set of questions that are more tailored towards employees.
Scoring and Personalized Output:
So, and then finally you answer your email and show me my score, right? So, yeah. All right, so as you can see, we actually score the quiz based on the answers that people input in the previous quiz, right? So that score is totally based on what they answer.
Wealth Gap Analysis Offer:
 And so I think it’s out of hundreds. so the higher you score, what happens is the more protected you are, right? So in this case, I have a medium level of wealth protection, as you can see on the left-hand side here.
Why Use a Quiz Funnel:
Now let’s go back to the presentation. So guys, why do we want to use a quiz funnel? A quiz, as you can see, gets all these mini commitments from the prospect.
Benefits of Quiz Funnel:
And by getting them to answer certain questions, it’s like basically they want to commit more and more to you. It’s like kind of the whole thing about you know, three yeses to get a definite answer or get a buyer right this is basically getting this micro-commitments and interactions with your prospects so that they are more committed to seeing the result and also more committed to taking action with you.
Curiosity and Low Cost Per Lead:
Second thing if you kind of create a quiz that piques people’s curiosity like just now people want to find out what score they have right? What’s their protection score? In another quiz we designed for another coach, it was basically asking people, hey, discover what type of entrepreneur you are.
List Segmentation:
The benefit is that you get very, very low cost per lead. That curiosity factor drives people to want to take that quiz, right? And third thing is that you get to segment your list, right?
Personalized Output for Follow-up:
So say for example you have high-income, mid-income and low-income earners in your list and you might want to speak to them in a different way because or if especially if you’re say selling an investment product, use that data from that survey that you just, that quiz that you just did to actually segment them and send them each segment a different message, right, and different follow-up messages as well.
Qualifying Prospects:
 When you’ve sent out those automated emails, automated SMSs or whatever correspondence, you are speaking to their particular sets of needs and wants, right, so that is the other benefit of having a quiz funnel. The fourth thing is that you have that personalized output, right?
Time Efficiency with Qualified Prospects:
So that personalized output really helps you to then follow up in a more personal way as well. So imagine you have your sales team, they look through the quiz answers, when they follow up with that prospect, they already have a good degree of information about the prospect.
Feedback and Optimization:
So they are then able to follow up with, hey John, I realized that you haven’t had an insurance review in say three years, right, so which you’ll be interested to get a free assessment on your insurance policies, right. It’ll cost you absolutely nothing, etc, etc. So that is basically one of the key benefits of using a quiz survey, a quiz funnel, right.
Benefits for High-Ticket Coaching Niche:
 And for many of you, you are in the high-ticket coaching niche and you only want to speak to highly qualified prospects, right? So having this quiz funnel in place will help you to qualify the people that you actually want to speak to.
Customized Approach:
 So say for example that you only want to speak to the cream of the crop and those people are qualified to get an appointment with you but if the answers indicate that they are not qualified you might send them to a video instead or you send them to like one of your sales advisors or something else so So that doesn’t drain your time. So basically, you only speak with the most qualified people. So that is another benefit of using a quiz funnel.
Data-Driven Ad Optimization:
And finally, I think just getting that feedback from that quiz is so important as well. Because from that feedback, for example, if I were to run five different ads, and I wonder which ad is actually getting me the people from a particular industry, for example, or people with a particular job title, for example, I can then, using UTM codes with my ads, cross-check with the results of the quiz to actually discover which ad is bringing me the right types of people that are qualified that I want to speak to.
So that is the another benefit of using a quiz funnel. So guys I hope you enjoyed this presentation on quiz funnels and I know it’s very brief but I hope it’s given you enough ideas and enough inspiration and tactics applicable tactics and ideas to actually implement a quiz funnel in your business. So if you enjoyed this video make sure hit subscribe button and make sure you check out all the other videos in this series for high ticket coaching funnels.

 I hope you enjoyed this video and I’ll see you in the next one.

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