High Ticket Coaching Funnel 2: Boomerang Funnel

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High Ticket Coaching Funnel #2: The Boomerang Funnel

Are you losing money on your ads?

The reason for this is usually because your prospects don’t know and like you enough yet. 

But what if there was a way to get them back buying again – even when they initially said no?

The Boomerang Funnel allows you to nurture your prospects and offers you a second, third and unlimited chances to make the sale even if your first attempt didn’t quite hit the bullseye. 

Not only does it help you to build a loyal customer base, but also keeps them engaged with your brand. 

But how do you make that happen?

Watch this video as we uncover what a Boomerang Funnel looks like.

This is one of the ‘safest’ ways to make sure your funnel is profitable, and so you can scale your high ticket offers as a coach or course creator. 

Check out this video now… this strategy could be exactly what your business needs. 

Video Transcript

Introduction: High-Ticket Coaching Funnels

Hi, this is Terence from Radical Marketing here. Today, I want to present to you High-Ticket Coaching Funnels number 2. And this funnel is what I call the Boomerang Funnel. This is a part of a series of videos outlining 8 Highly Effective Funnels that high-ticket coaches can use.

Understanding the Boomerang Funnel

Alright, so a Boomerang Funnel is pretty much where you run ads to a lead magnet or free download in an opt-in page. And then you actually go to a thank you page and on the thank you page, there will be an offer made, right? So if you click on the offer being made, you go to the next page where you actually sign up for the offer with all the descriptions of the details of the offer, right? So at that point, if the prospect signs up, then they will go to the final thank you page. If they do not sign up, they will go to an automated email and follow through sequence that we have automatically set up, alright? So that in a gist is the whole funnel, right?

Example Implementation

I just want to quickly show you an example of one of these funnels that we are implementing for one of our clients here. So let’s get into it by changing slides here just quickly. Right, so on this page, you can see that we have a Raising Finance Free Download, alright? So this is for people who want to raise finance to fund their first property deal. Basically, it tells you what you’re going to get in this free download. And once you click this free download, what happens is you pop over to a thank you page, right?

Offer Presentation

So thank you, and this is where we are offering a 2-day event, okay? So this is where people can watch the video, the VSL, right? And they can purchase a ticket to this two-day training program for $7. And if they say yes, I want to join in, they basically go and they sign up for the event. If they say no, right, then what’s going to happen is we will actually get them to a free webinar where they can actually sign up for this free webinar. And once again, they will be pitched again the $7 2-day event, okay? So that is in a nutshell.

Advanced Application

I just want to show you a quick example. This is slightly different from what I showed you just now because this is a little bit more sophisticated than the previous flowchart I showed you, but it’s operating on the same principles, okay? So let’s get back to the slides so we can basically get back and show you the whole sequence again.

Pros and Cons of the Boomerang Funnel

So once again, ads to LeadMagnet, thank you page where you make an offer. And if they sign up, yeah, it’s a final thank you page. If they say no, in that example, they will basically be sent to a free webinar, which once again, pitches the original offer. And that’s an evergreen webinar. So the client, the coach in this case, does not need to go and do a live webinar, okay? So that’s the whole gist of it.

Pros of Using the Boomerang Funnel

I hope this makes sense. I just want to basically also give you the pros and cons of using this boomerang funnel. All right, so let’s move this. All right, so the process that you can build an email list of prospects pretty quickly because you are basically using a lead magnet, a free download, and you get people signing up for pretty much just a few dollars, right? So that’s really awesome that you build a list of prospects, which is a valuable asset to your business. The other thing is you get better quality prospects once you have nurtured these people with an email sequence, okay?

Building Authority and Trust

Say, for example, we don’t immediately call the people once they sign up. We actually wait for the email sequence to nurture them for a few days before the sales team actually calls up these people, right? So that gives us better quality prospects. It gives us, because they have actually consumed some information, maybe a video, consumed the lead magnet from the coach, so when they are called, it is not so, you know, salesy. At least there’s some authority, some trust happening there, right?

Long-Term Benefits

And the thing is, even if they don’t buy initially, right, as I said, you’re building an asset which over time, if you continue nurturing them with case studies, with tips, with various content, that is where you can start building authority over the long term as well with your list of people. And finally, as a result of having this authority and having this trust, you can actually sell them other things. When you have new product launches, which we actually did for this client, we did a product launch and we actually netted like a million dollars, a million pounds, sorry, for this particular launch, right? So you can actually sell them different things because you have that list of people, right? And you’re not relying just solely on ads, okay?

Cons of Using the Boomerang Funnel

So what about the cons? The cons are that it’s generally a longer sale cycle because basically you’re getting people to sign up for something, you’ve got an email address, right? And it’s not immediately that you’re selling them a high-ticket offer. You can, but it’s in general, you need to nurture them a bit longer before they actually sign up for your high-ticket offer, as opposed to say, doing a webinar straight in the front, right? This is a longer sale cycle. So you just need to be aware of this, that this is one of the cons.

Effort and Complexity

And the other thing is the effort taken to build a lead magnet and email sequence, that can take some time as well, right? I mean, we have a 21-day email sequence for this client in particular, so it takes a while to actually write all 21 emails, right? Because it needs to be valuable content, not just fluff. So that takes time. It takes time to create a lead magnet, think through it, design it, and everything, right? So that is the other con.

Optimization and Short-Term Focus

And also because there are so many moving pieces, as you can see in the whole funnel, right? You have the front end, you have the various offers, you have your emails, all that thing, all those things take time to optimize by only spending money on ads and over time that we can see and look at the data and see what to optimize within that whole funnel. So that will take a little bit of time as well. And many times, if you are playing the short-term game and you want transactions fast, this may not be the best funnel for you to use in the immediate term.

Conclusion and Invitation

Maybe you’d want to look at some of the other funnels that I will be showing you if you subscribe to this YouTube channel. You can just go ahead and download the whole book that these 8 funnels are based on right here in the description below.

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