Get to Know the Real Social Media Trends

Date: April 8, 2016
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Before we spend time in a social media marketing strategy for your business, which we don’t know if will make our business succeed, it is wise to take a look at analytics, statistics and social media data.

Getting to know the trends in the various social media networks is essential for you to see what will work better for your business. After deciding which channels you’ll be using, you can plan and put your social media strategy into action.

CJG Digital Marketing gathered in this amazing Infographic all the information they had available, letting us know the trends of social media for this year.

Let’s take a close look at the infographic and get ideas to improve and boost your businesses.

The Top 8 Social Media Trends to Watch Out For in 2016 (Infographic) - An Infographic from CJG Digital Marketing

Embedded from CJG Digital Marketing

Facebook is leading the chart with 1.49 Billion active users, followed by YouTube. Instagram is growing at a fast pace while live video streaming is getting more and more popular.

Visual content receives the most engagement. Video is the most watched content and live social broadcasts are giving a hand.

Some platforms might be excellent for your business, others might not. It will depend on the type of business you own and what are your objectives for your social media marketing campaign.

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