How Gary Vaynerchuk built his personal brand

Gary vaynerchuk

Few people have built their personal brand quite like Gary Vaynerchuk. What started as a wine aficionado who just loved to talk about wine, and decided on creating a channel through which he could talk about wine and deliver interesting information to the masses, turned into a man who built his personal brand through YouTube, Twitter, and other forms of social media in a fascinating and worthwhile way that brought in millions of people to his extended digital networks.

Lots of people love wine – and millions all over the world drink it – but what made Vaynerchuk’s rise to the top so different and so unique from the rest? While his Wine Library work and his video work to catalogue and discuss wine was interesting in and of itself, it was something more simple going on that built his personal brand in such a good way: authenticity.

Vaynerchuk was, is, and continues to be himself. Whether it’s in any number of the books that he has written, or on his Twitter page where he frequently interacts with followers, or on any other television show in which he may appear, Vaynerchuk is authentically himself and does not try to be anything that he is not when he is working, and when he is available.

The best personal brands come through authenticity and transparency, and Vaynerchuk has loads of both. He’s at time callous, at times blunt, and at times approachable, nice, enjoyable, and funny – and all of those things are a natural fit for him, his business, and what he does. He doesn’t shy away from who he is, and people gravitate to him for trying to be what he truly is, as opposed to being something or somebody that he is not.

There’s a lesson in there for all budding people looking to develop their own personal brand – there’s no “niche” to try and force yourself into when it comes to building a brand. There’s no perfect “area” or “person” to become; after all, the best person and the best personality to build your personal brand is, well, your own!

People will see through your shtick very, very quickly if you get to the point where you are faking your interaction and faking your personality – especially on social media sites like Twitter, Facebook, and YouTube. Take a lesson from Vaynerchuk in your branding – take something that you know very, very well (like him, with wine), and promote yourself in a real but relentless way. He became an expert in wine not overnight, but over time and consistency in effort. Later on, he re-invented himself as a marketing expert by using his exploits from the Wine Library.

Along the way, he was available to those who have questions (hence creating relationships), and above all, provide value for people by giving them something that they want and need, like Vaynerchuk with his books, TV show, and interaction.

It may sound difficult, but you can ask yourself just a few questions: what do people want? What are people looking for? Of my authentic, true, and real skills and passions, what can I give people that will bring them value, interest, and enjoyment? As you answer, you’ll find your personal brand develop quickly and effectively!

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