How To Gain A Customer’s Trust Fast

How to gain customers' trust fast

How do you gain a customer’s trust fast?

When you’re in the speaking, education or training industry…

… and your job is to speak to people and provide them with a solution to their problems.

Yet they do not have the slightest clue on who you are or what you represent.

Chances of getting prospects to convert?

Could be from hopeful to zero.

But all this could change with some adjustments.

I discovered some useful tips that could gain people’s trusts fast while working with a client of mine.

Which is why you should check out this video I made to help improve your credibility.

Apply these 3 crucial tips to:

  • strengthen your personal brand
  • convert prospects to paying customers
  • increase visibility

With these strategies, you won’t have to ‘shout’ to get customers’ attention anymore.

Enjoy the video and I appreciate your comments.

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Video Transcript

Hi, this is Terence Tam.

Today I want to share with you a story about how this guy came to us and basically he had one issue that was hindering his speaking career and hindering him from selling successfully from the stage. And that is that he did not have the credibility to speak on stage. Yeah sure, he had great results from what he was doing, which was trading commodities, but the thing is he lacked credibility.

So I gave him three tips on how to massively build his credibility so that he can have that personal brand and people can actually take notice and pay attention to him a bit more. So I’d like to share these three tips with you today.

So the first tip I shared with him to build his credibility fast is to… write a book. Now this obviously is a very famous book. I’m just using it as an example.

By writing a book, people see you differently. As an author, people are going to know that, wow, this guy actually knows what he or she is saying.

So the first thing that anyone can do, any speaker can do is to write a book. And even better if you can find someone that’s famous in your field of expertise to endorse your book for you so that that add even more credibility to your book straight away and to you straight away. So that’s the number one tip I shared with him.

Now, the number two tip I shared with him was to basically at his seminars, at his one day seminars instead of just advertising himself to bring in a celebrity to his events. Now, this celebrity can be a speaker, can be an artist or anything, anyone that can actually help him to boost his brand and what he’s talking about.

So by bringing in a celebrity that is relevant to what you are talking about, then you build instant credibility by having a celebrity at your event. And of course, you probably need to pay the celebrity a bit of money or profit share.

But having a celebrity there not only gives you more credibility, but it will also draw more people to your event as well. So consider hiring or doing some deal with a celebrity that is relevant to your particular niche or industry.

So for instance, if you are in the business field, someone from like Shark Tank would be the perfect and ideal match for you. If you are someone in the spiritual space, obviously an author that talks about spirituality would be the perfect fit for you.

So, have a look at who and what kind of celebrities could fit with your message and make an effort to reach out to them. You’d be surprised at what can possibly happen and how willing these celebrities are to appear on your stage. So that’s the second tip.

And the third tip that I shared with this person to massively build his credibility in a short period of time, is to get himself on traditional media. Get featured in newspapers. Get featured on TV. Get featured on radio. Get featured on podcasts.

All these places will give you massive credibility if you can show that you have been featured on these various media. And nowadays, you don’t have to necessarily be newsworthy.

In many cases, many of these traditional media are now featuring people and they have packages for you to get featured on their the newspapers, the magazines, or even on TV. So even if you have to pay for some of these, that’s totally okay because being on TV, being on traditional media still carries a lot of weight compared to just being featured on social media.

So, make sure if you want to build massive credibility fast, make sure that this is one of the things you potentially look at doing.

So I hope these three tips were useful to you to help you build your credibility. I know this client of mine is certainly starting to look at it and how he can actually successfully implement it in his business.

And I hope that you can also take these tips and also implement them in your business.

So, thank you for watching and feel free to share or comment on this video. I would appreciate your feedback very much and look forward to seeing you again on my next videos.

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