Failing in marketing?

Failing in Marketing?


Failing in Marketing? That’s Great!

Want to discover why your marketing campaigns fail?

I’ll let you in on a secret…

8 out of 10 marketing campaigns fail.

Yes, I’m not talking about amateurs who have very little idea about marketing.

I’m talking about the pros.

Guys like me who run marketing campaigns every day for a living.

Guys (and gals) who live and breathe marketing.

But here’s the thing…

The one or two campaigns that work, are home runs!

And those home runs continue to generate profits day after day, year after year.

That’s why if your marketing is failing…it’s a great thing!

So here’s the reason I’m writing this blog post…

I see many business owners trying a new marketing initiative.

It could be

  • a postcard
  • a flyer
  • direct mail piece
  • newspaper ad
  • radio ad
  • online ad
  • email marketing

Whatever it is…

They try it once or twice, or for a short period of time and it doesn’t work for them.They give up.

Sometimes, they blame it on the channel.

Other times (and this is the worst), they say marketing doesn’t work for their business.

So I hear people saying stuff like:

“Facebook marketing doesn’t work for my business”

“Direct mail doesn’t work in my industry”

And all sorts of other reasons.

And sometimes, that is true.

But in 90% of cases, it’s the 8 out of 10 rule coming into play.

When you ask these people, what have they really done in that channel.

They would say, “We did one mail out last Christmas and got nothing”


“We spent $300 on Linkedin Ads and no one called us”

Almost never have I heard someone who says, “We spent $50,000 on Facebook ads last year and it didn’t give us the results we hoped for.”

So I think you get my point.

Once you find those 2 out of 10 campaigns that work, you’ve hit the jackpot.

You keep running similar marketing campaigns over and over again, to try and improve on what works.

Your business will keep growing as you keep investing into those successful campaigns.

Don’t be like the man in the parable, who kept digging for gold and gave up when he was four feet away from striking the motherlode.

Marketing is an essential function in your business.

As essential as making your products and keeping your accounts in order.

You simply can’t do it.

Finally, how do you find the 2 out of 10 marketing campaigns that work?

Here’s a list of suggestions for you to try out.

Vary them and change them and see what works.

I’ve actually ranked them from what I see as most impactful to least impactful.

If you can get the formula right: Keep improving on it until you get mega rich.

1. Your Offer

Totally important…try different price points, different bundles and different products/services. See what is the sweet spot for your market.

2. The Target Market

Someone has to take your offer up right? Try hitting different markets with your message. Try different demographics and interests. You will find that some respond better than others.

3. he Channel

Don’t assume for example Linkedin is always better than Facebook to reach a B2B marketplace. I’ve tested it before and sometimes Facebook can be better for different industries. Try both online and offline methods.

4. Your Headline

Coming down to the ad level, be sure to test and try different headlines for your ads. Often a good headline can improve ad success many times over. A good shortcut is to see what others are using and modify their headlines for your needs.

5. Your Copy

The body of your ad is just as important. You need to make sure it is engaging and provides value to the reader. Boring copy that doesn’t communicate benefits to the readers is less likely to succeed.

6. Your Images

Images can have a big impact on your marketing campaign. Particularly for social media campaigns on certain platforms like Facebook. And don’t assume you know what works. Sometimes the image you’d least expect to work actually performs the best!

7. Your Fonts

Fonts need to be consistent with your channel and message. In general San Serif fonts like Arial and Verdana perform better in online channels. Conversely, Serif fonts like Times New Roman perform better on offline channels such as print.

By utilising these 7 variables in your marketing and ad campaigns, you can virtually test and try to improve on your ads for eternity.

But coming back to the main point: Don’t Give Up!

‘Cos the next marketing campaign could be what changes EVERYTHING for your business.

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