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Hey, guys, this is Terence from Radical Marketing.

Today we got something exciting to share with you, and that is how we shape our cost per lead dramatically by using a very little-known placement on Facebook and Instagram. So today I’ve got Ann Yong here who will also be sharing how we set things up and the results we’ve been getting.

So hopefully this will make you excited about running these types of ads. So let’s jump into it. So Ann, for starters, can you tell us roughly how much have we been saving by using this new type of placement on Facebook and Instagram?

–Okay, so basically we’ve been running ads for this particular client for a long time and then during one of the months, the ad cost has gone up really ridiculously. So we got really freaked out and stuff.

And so we turn this new placement, which is called Reels, and we managed to cut down the cost by 50%. Okay, so this is Facebook reels and Instagram reels, right? So we can run ads on Facebook and Instagram, right?

Yeah. So let’s show them some of the results that we got and then we’re going to dive into how to set things up and some tips as well. Right? Cool.

-Here we are. As you can see here, the cost in July when we run for this client, the cost has been going up really high, 199, and this one is 51. So yeah, over it to you.

-Okay, so that was basically running on all platforms, right? This is a general all-placement, all platforms kind of ad on Facebook, and Instagram, and this was the cost we were getting.

So let’s call it, let’s say $70 on average. Right? So, yeah, if you want to show them what we manage to achieve in the past month with Real, that’d be awesome. Sure. Okay, here you go. All right, so we have been getting leads for $33. So that’s roughly about 60% discount on what we were getting. So that’s really exciting for us.

And it’s not a fluke because you can see there are 481 conversions and we had over a million impressions on this ad. So, yeah, that is the exciting part about this. And if you want to just quickly show them how to just set up Reels, okay, sure.

It’s pretty easy. Basically, you are just on the placement site, you just got to make sure you unclick all the others and only make sure this section is taken. Right. So unclick all the other stuff, all the news feed stuff, all the right-hand side ads, and all the other stuff, and basically just run ads on Reels, right?


Because I think this is also we get lower CPMs as well, maybe. I guess the other thing is we also have a very specific creative just reels, right. If you want to show them how that looks like, just to give people an idea. All right, this is how reels gonna look like on Instagram and Facebook, and messenger. All right, so that’s on the phone, obviously, then you can see this on the phone. So it’s very different if you see it on Facebook, right?

I mean, on a desktop. So, yeah, takes up the full screen so it’s very captivating, and yeah, gets good results. All right, fantastic. So we have that. And now I just want to ask you, is there any tips that you can maybe share with people when they want to run reels?

Yes, definitely. So one of the main things that we did was we took our best performing ads on TikTok and we changed nothing, and we just bring it to Facebook, and then we run ads on it. Okay, so just to be clear, this was the exact same ad that we were running on TikTok. We basically extracted that video file and we put it onto Facebook and Instagram and it worked wonders.

Yes, exactly.Right. And this video is roughly 1 minute.

Yeap, about 1 minute, yeah. So usually the reels will be about 45 seconds to 1 minute that the best kind of systematized length.

It’s a video, right? Not images.

-Yeah, it’s a video. Of course.

Yeah. All right, so that’s cool. And then what about you mentioned about the second tip that you can share is about targeting. So would you like to talk a little bit more about that? Right, okay. So for targeting, as you can see, one of the main things for reels, what we did here is only run it with the proven working audience. We don’t test new audiences with reels

We have a set of audiences that we know is working pretty well. So we run on it and then it works like wonder. Okay, so what you’re saying is that basically because we’ve been running this ad account for a little while for the client, and we use data from past campaigns to see what audiences work, and then we just basically use those same audiences for real.

And that’s how we basically target people, right? yeap, that’s true. Fantastic.

And then you have the tips as well for people.

-Okay, so the third tip is to run it with a smaller budget. Normally when we run the normal campaign, we will normally go with a higher budget and then back to for reels, run it with a smaller budget. Because when we first started out, we don’t know whether it’s working or not.

We’re just testing it. So we run it about 200-300. And it works like wonders. So we have tested with a little bit higher. Of course, the cost has been higher a bit. So I think the best will be about $300 to $400.

Alright. So when you talk about 300, 400, I think it’s better because everybody comes maybe from a different country. 300- 400 may not make sense to them. So I’ll say roughly, you target per ad set roughly about ten conversions a day. That will be your budget, right?


So to be clear on that and that’s per ad-set, right?


And then you might have multiple ad sets. So you could have five potential different ad sets, five, six different assets, and for each one, you will basically set a budget to have roughly ten conversions today.

-Yeap, that’s right.


And so far, that’s been working pretty well. As you can see, we have shaved at cost by 60%, and yeah. Do you have anything else to add to that, Ann?

-I think I to try it out. You will know you will love it. Yeah. Okay. So, yeah, give it a try, guys.

Just run your ads, basically, make sure it’s about 45 seconds to 1 minute. Run it on just the stories and real placement on Facebook and Instagram and see what you get. Hopefully, you two will get 60, 70% cost savings per lead.

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