Facebook Marketing Webinar Blueprint

Facebook Marketing Webinar Blueprint


Transform your Webinars and Seminars from a ‘sea of ghosts’ to a ‘hordes of prospects’ with this Facebook Webinar Blueprint.

In this video, you’ll discover how to create an online funnel that

1) Get more attendees to your events
2) Improve your turnout rates at your events.
3) Get more sales from your webinar or seminars.
4) Stops you ‘leaving money on the table’
5) Maximises the use of Facebook ads

It’s the same proven marketing funnel we use at Radical-Marketing.com that’s helping our clients get 5 figure sales from their events.

Hope you get some applicable ideas that you can use in your business!

Some case studies of using the Facebook Marketing Webinar Blueprint…

CASE STUDY #1 Beyond Insights 

Beyond Insights, a financial education training company had been managing their own Facebook Ads for a year before we came in to assist them.

Previously they were struggling to get a breakthrough in numbers for an event they had been marketing for years through various channels along with Facebook.

At our first attempt, we managed to triple the event attendees from Facebook Ads alone.

Here’s some proof of the difference we made. The first image below is before we started working with them, total registration numbers were low and costs were high.

BI before

This screenshot below was the first campaign we worked with them…a huge increase in registration numbers and a big reduction in cost per registration!

BI After

Here’s a testimonial from their happy CEO:

Terence Teoh



After working with Radical Marketing for 40 days, we achieved a new record of attendees…a massive 206% increase over our previous best! – Terence Teoh, CEO of Beyond Insights.


CASE STUDY #2 Wealth Mentors

Wealth Mentors is an event company that promotes various speakers in the area of wealth and health.

Prior to working with Radical Marketing, they were promoting their events solely via traditional media.

The cost to get a person registered for their event was $35 each via traditional marketing channels to their live, in-person events.

After implementing the Facebook Marketing Webinar Blueprint, we managed to slash their cost per registration to between $4 to $7 (see screenshot below)

This was a massive reduction in cost and they also experienced a surge in the number of attendees at their events.

WM campaigns

aaron sim



“Terence helped me reduce my average seminar attendee registration cost from $35 to under $7 within 90 days.”– Aaron Sim,  CEO of Wealth Mentors.



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