How to Use Facebook Marketing for Business Owners

How to Use Facebook Marketing for Business Owners

Facebook marketing for business owners?

Does it really work?

If you tried it, more than likely, your ads flopped…

BIG time!

Cos some marketing agency told you, or you read somewhere, that it’s the best thing since sliced bread.

But when you actually start on it, you realise it’s not all as good as you were told.

In fact, you hardly got any leads.

And the leads you got…

…well, they didn’t convert.

So you shut down Facebook and told yourself, ‘Facebook marketing for business owners doesn’t work!”.

But yet so many people are kicking ass on Facebook.

Case in point:

I just helped a client break their seminar attendance record by 3x in under 45 days.

Another one of my clients spent $1.5K on FB ads last month, and made $23.4K in sales from those ads.

So what does it take to get some kick-ass Facebook marketing happening for your business?

You 3 essential elements:

  • The offer

If your offer is bad or confusing, no one in their right mind is going to take it up.

You should spend at least 70% of your time thinking and testing what offers work.

Remember, what works in a face-to-face scenario may NOT work on Facebook.

A good shortcut is to see what other people are doing in your same niche.

But look beyond your local market.

Check out what ads people are running in international markets. This will give you a good idea of what offers would work for your business.

Remember, test different offers.

Yes, it’s going to take time.

But once you stumble upon an offer that people love, then you are going to make your Facebook marketing fly for you as a business owner!

  • Your Targeting

Here’s the second element you need to get working.

The good news is that Facebook allows you to do a whole lot of amazing targeting.

It allows you to target people based on where they live, what they are interested in, and a combination of those factors.

You can even create an audience that looks like your current customers by uploading your email database to Facebook!

But that’s not all, you can even target people who visited certain pages of your website in the past.

On the flip side, this can be super-confusing to the new advertiser.

For example, how big an audience should you target?

What are the right interests to target?

How much money should you spend on your ads?

I really can’t delve into the details here as that would be more appropriate for a one-day seminar or a book.

But what’s important for you is to testing different markets and audiences. Over time, you will figure out what market works best for your business.

Remember also, it is important to be clear about who your ideal customer is.

The clearer you are about your ideal customer, the easier it is for you to target them on Facebook.

Facebook marketing for business

  • Your creatives

By creatives, I mean your images and your ad copy.

Truth be told, there is no right or wrong here.

I have written ad copy that follows all the rules and best practices of copywriting, and sometimes, my ad still flops.

Other times, I have written something casually and totally goes against the rules of copywriting and it works!

What I’d say is this:

Remember Facebook is a social platform.

In general, the more ‘social’ your copy tone is, and less ‘salesy’ it is, the ad generally does better.

Keep this in mind when you are writing your copy.

(But it really depends on the market you are targeting. “Write to suit your market” would be the golden rule.)

As for images…

It really depends on your message and market (sorry to sound like a broken clock).

Your images used should be in sync with what your message is. It should amplify your copy.

Also, make sure your image stands out and gets noticed as people are scrolling down their Newsfeed.

Sometimes text overlay on the images will get you better results.

Once again, test it.

Facebook Marketing for business owners

For the ad above from Salesforce, I think the image is really cool and stands out.

The offer is also great.

But I feel to get people to come to an expo, the copy needs to be longer, so people know what they are signing up for.

If you want to get started on Facebook marketing as a business owner, here’s a quick step-by-step guide:


4 Steps To Get Started On Facebook Marketing for Business Owners 

Step One:  Get clear about who your ideal customers are. Find out their interest, where they live, what car they drive and so on.


You can plug this information into your Facebook ads later to improve your audience targeting.

Step Two: Set up a Facebook page if you don’t have one. Google ‘how to set up a Facebook page for my business’ if you are unsure how to create one.

Step Three: Set up a Facebook ad account on your Facebook account.

If you don’t have an ad account yet, set one up by entering your credit card number and some other details they require.

I’ve done a screenie below so you know where to click to get started.

facebook marketing for business owners start


Step Four: Make sure you have good ad copy, good images and a good offer as discussed above.

Send them to a good page where they can easily sign up for your offer.

Initially, spend a small amount day to test the market and try different variations. Leave it for 3-5 days before changing things around.

Need more help?

Ok, I won’t lie.

Facebook marketing can be a complicated thing for many business owners.

I mean anyone can set up a Facebook ad in 15 minutes.

But it takes constant learning and skills to make Facebook marketing work.

That’s why I want to help you get started by giving you 2 FREE and valuable things:

  1. My Facebook Advertising Cheat Sheet.

Click the image below to get instant access to this cheat sheet that I developed over the past 2 years, I use this for my own campaigns.

It will save you tonnes of wasted ad money, and help you get the customers you want on Facebook.

  1. My Facebook Ads Webinar Recording.

I was invited to give a talk to a group of 40+ business owners on a webinar.

In this webinar, I go through the step by step process of setting up a Facebook marketing campaign.

The good news is, for a limited time, this content-packed 100+minute recording valued at $97 is free to you…just for signing up.
[Signup is no longer available. Please contact us for more information].

Facebook marketing for business owners does work. You just need the right strategy and the right skills.

So get my free training resources by clicking the button above.

And for those who signed up, you’ll receive free updates on the latest Facebook and social media marketing strategies (simply because Facebook adds new features almost every month!!).


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