Employment opportunities

Employment opportunities

Position #1: Copywriter (KL, Malaysia)  (Casual: RM 30 to RM 70 per hour)

Looking for a direct response copywriter with experience copywriting for digitial media on a casual basis.

You will mainly work from home and we can meet up when the need to do so requires.

You will be tasked with writing emails.

What kind of emails?

  1. First kind of emails is to be done a on weekly basis. The purpose of this is to promote content for my clients. It could be a blog, a video or a infographic or a mixture of them. You should be able to write short, but enticing/informative emails that want to make people click on the email links to obtain more information. Ie. read the blog or view the video.
  2. Promotional emails. These emails will be done on a monthly basis for my clients. The purpose here is to get them to actually open, read and take action. The action could be making an online purchase, registering for a seminar, or simply requesting a consultation.

I need someone who has experience and perhaps studied some of the top copywriters around such as Dan Kennedy, Jack Carlton, Joe Sugarman etc.

Most of my clients are SMEs, so while experience in a big ad agency may help, I need to see some experience as well in the SME field or in copywriting for your own business.

Training will be provided but some experience is preferred.

To apply, please send me a CV or resume on terence[at]radical-marketing.com along with some past samples of copy you’ve done.  (replace [at] with @ in the email)


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Position #2: Marketing Assistant/Intern (Part time, potentially full time) (up to RM3800 for full time. Interns: RM700-RM900) 

Seeking someone who LOVES marketing and has a true passion for it.

The best part about this job is you are going to learn from one of the best social media marketer in Malaysia (ie. Terence Tam- at least I tell myself that), and you’ll be part of something exciting (growing a business with a purpose to help other SMEs succeed in marketing).

We need someone who is good at the following:

  • Good with the computer and can learn new apps fast
  • Good with spoken and written English (BM is a bonus)
  • Good organiser
  • Self-motivated
  • Self confident
  • Managing people
  • Good with numbers
  • Has some WordPress basic knowledge
  • Ideally have some experience with Google Analytics, email platforms and social media ads.

Currently my business is growing fast and I am expanding into new areas (such as public speaking and seminars)

So I need someone who is tech-savvy and a good organiser of things to help me ensure that tasks are delivered to our clients on time.

You’ll also need to help QC the output of our firm, and in some cases, you’ll need to jump in to fix things on the fly.

You’ll have the flexibility of being able to work mainly from home, but I’ll need you to come into the office regularly for meetings, marketing coordination and to meet clients.

We can start off part time (3-4 hrs per day) and grow this into a full time position.

If you’re interested, drop me an email with your CV and tell me why you think you are the person for this job. Send it over to terence[at]radical-marketing.com  (replace [at] with @)