Email Marketing Profits Part 3

Email marketing profits part 3

In part 3 of our Email Marketing training series, we’re looking at the types of emails that we should be sending out and the kind of information that should be in these emails.

Having all the important elements in place without missing out any piece of the puzzle will help to boost your open and link clickthrough rates, which in turn increases your email deliverability rates too.

After watching this video, please apply these tips in your email campaigns.

Be sure to watch out for the final Part-4 of this series that’s coming next.

Video Transcript

Okay. So once people are on your list, this is what we’re going to do to them, right? Assuming they came from a lead magnet.

We have the acknowledgement and download email, right?

This is the first email.
The second type of emails is the get-to-know-you email.

 Okay. I’ll explain each one of this. I just want to give you an overview.

And the third type of email you sent to them is nurturing emails.

And the fourth type is where you get the sale.

So these are called the sales emails. I’ll just keep it simple. Okay.

#1 Acknowledgement Email

Acknowledgement email is very, very simple. It’s all about just thanking them for taking action for downloading your lead magnet. 

  1. All right, that is the first thing you need to do in your acknowledgement email. Thank them.
  2. Second thing is to re-emphasize how valuable the download is. Okay how it can help them, so that they will consume it straight away.
  3. And a call to action to actually download the free lead magnet, and you’ll be surprised, right? A lot of people sign up for stuff and they don’t actually download the free report.

I’ve had so many of them… I think about, at least about 20 to 30% of people who sign up don’t actually bother clicking the download. It’s like I don’t understand why but yeah, so you need to make sure you have that in your email to tell them. “Hey, go now and click the download here” and you may want to follow up with them.

If they haven’t clicked on the download link so you can set it automatically that your email system will actually tell them. Hey, just making sure you downloaded the report. Here is it again. Here’s the link blah, blah, blah. So, you can set that up in your email system. That’s why you don’t want to use an Excel sheet because you can’t track. Okay? Too many for you to track. Okay.

So let me give you one example here. So this is one we use for our clients. Okay, which we just did like two weeks ago. Okay. So “Here’s 5 Easy Ways to Make Online Learning Stick.” Hey, thanks for downloading this report. Sudden shift to online classes. Requires new strategies. Hope these 5 easy ways will help you make online learning stick for all your students.

So this is targeting teachers. This is a free download for teachers. Simply click the button below for your free ebook. Okay, and then actually tell them how to use it. Right? We have a button here to download and tell them how to use it. Download the e-book, print it out.

Read it, keep it as quick reference and you will get results. Okay. So we’re talking, emphasizing the value again of the free report. Okay.

So this one we didn’t design this report. The client did it themselves. So it’s kind of long. I wish we had done the shorter one. But yeah, I guess that’s what they wanted. So yeah, that’s basically it.

Yeah, so and then we asked to share as well. So this is something you can do to ask them to share this report with other people and we’ll be sending out a few useful emails to support you in the next few days, right? So that’s where we go into the next sequence in the email sequence, right? Okay, so I didn’t do the thing anyway, okay.

#2 Get-to-Know Emails

So the second type of emails is the get-to-know-you emails which is also known as the indoctrination emails. So… basically, this is a series of 5 emails that are sent out automatically by your email system. Once people sign up to your lead magnet. 

Okay? So the first email is like saying “Welcome to the family.”

Second email is talking about. 

I think here, it’s also good to talk about your history – where you come from. And also, if it’s not talking about your personal history, talk about your company’s history. Where your company came from and all that and then give a piece of useful content.

And email 3, you give out a second piece of useful content. 

Email 4, you give out a third piece of useful content, which normally is a blog post that we’ve written before.

And email 5, maybe a case study of how you helped someone that is likely to be in their position. So you’re doing a bit of soft selling in email 5, but the previous 4 emails is just pretty much being useful. Okay. So these emails are getting sent out automatically.

All right, so let me give you an example. Okay. So this is like the first email that goes out. All right. So if you go to previous page, okay, so this, the welcome to the family email.

So, let me just quickly read this. Just want to extend a warm, welcome to you from Radical Marketing. Good news. Is you should have received a free copy of the infographic. If not, simply hit reply to this button and we’ll be sure to get it out to you. And then we talked about, Okay, so now you’ve got this lead magnet.

The problem is internet marketing is still constantly changing, right?

 And that’s why we want to keep you… We want to be responsible and keep you updated as to what’s happening. So we’re sending out a newsletter to you and that will answer the biggest baddest questions about internet marketing. And of course, you can unsubscribe at any time, right?

So, you know, you’re positioning yourself as the helpful person. Right? When I’m doing this, I’m positioning myself as being of assistance, being of help, right?

Rather than saying, Oh, because you signed up for this thing, I will, you know, you’re now on my email list, expect to receive emails, but no. Give an excuse as to why you’re going to send them our newsletters, right? A good excuse is because it’s for them.

Okay, and yeah, ask them to whitelist your email, right and basically, yeah. Ask them to watch out for all these cool things that coming your way that they can, how to lower their ad costs. Stick to the benefits as well. Okay, so I’m just giving you a quick rundown because, you know, this is quite a long email and then just a quick history about us.

Okay, down here. And then we talk about, you know, what they’re going to get and, you know, just basically warm and fuzzy stuff. Okay. That’s the whole first email. Okay, so you will get… you know, this is just the first email. We’re going to upload the other four emails for you as templates as well. Okay.

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