Email Marketing Profits Part 2

Email Marketing Profits Part 2

Email marketing is like fishing. 

You need to use some kind of bait to catch fish. For email marketing, the “bait” is called the lead magnet and it’s for attracting people to sign up to your email list.

How do you create an irresistible lead magnet?

Well, you could give away a free ebook… or a checklist… or a video that is relevant to your target market and your product or service.

Watch the following video to get the best tips and strategies on how to create the perfect lead magnet that will literally blow up your email list like a nuclear bomb.

Video Transcript

Okay, So the best way apart from these is to also create your lead magnet.

Okay, So what is a lead magnet?

A lead magnet is basically a download that people can consume quickly, and so it helps them to solve a problem that you know, to an extent your bigger product or service actually solves a bigger way. Okay, so they can consume it very quickly, and it addresses a very specific but important problem.

Say, for example, you are a chiropractor. And basically, you’re targeting people with a neck problem. Okay, you can have a report that says maybe “3 Exercises You Can Do Right Now to Help Elevate Your Neck Pain.” Right? 

Of course, that won’t solve the problem, because they still have to come to you. But they can download this free report, and they can do that exercise. And they feel maybe, you know, 30% relieved, right? But the other 70%, they still need to come to you. Okay?

So it helps solve the problem to an extent and
it needs to help solve a very specific problem.

Many people make the mistake of trying to help solve all their problems and creating this friggin like huge ebook. Promise is you want people to actually consume the lead magnet as well. You don’t just want them to just sign up and then not download it and consume it. Because by consuming it, the chances of them moving to the next step of becoming your customer becomes much, much more higher then.

Okay, everybody, you know what a lead magnet is right now? So it’s a free download. Okay, it can be a free report. It can be a checklist. It can be a short video course. It can come in the format of a challenge, right? 

A 3-day challenge, or something like that.

Okay, so something that’s really quick. 

Okay, I don’t suggest 3-day challenge is a good lead magnet, because that’s a bit too much. But some people have used it, and that kind of works as well. Yeah.

So it’s basically a freebie that people can download and consume immediately. Okay, that solves a very specific problem. And in exchange, you get their email address, right? So you’re building your email list. So you’re giving away this free report. They sign up. And now you got the email list, and you give them this free report.

Okay. So let’s move on to the next slide. 

Okay, so how do you come up with your lead magnet? Your free download?

 Okay, a lot of people just say, okay, let’s put something together and slap it together. And, you know, we have a free download. All right, but that’s not gonna work.

What I suggest is, first of all, to use something like, say, Google. 

Let’s say we want to talk about building muscle. All right? So let’s say, building muscle. This is a very basic form. Okay, right?

So, okay, what are people looking for when you’re talking about building muscle? Okay, people also asked “how can gain muscle fast,” so you can create a report of how to gain. You can gain muscle fast as a report, right? How long does it take to build muscle? So that also can be created as a report. Diet to gain muscle, right? What should I eat to build muscle? Is it good to build muscle, right?

So all these and, you know, check out some of the top ranking articles here. Okay. So proven ways to build muscle fast, right? So how can I build muscle naturally? What kind of exercises to do? So all these, when you type into Google, you can get some ideas of what people are searching for. Okay. So that’s a very, very simple, easy step. Okay.

Then the other one is, BuzzSumo. 

This used to give more information but now, they’re yeah, really restricted. But let’s call it say, using that build muscle thing again. So what BuzzSumo does is it will give you the amount of social sharing. Okay. So say, for example, here how to lift weights to build muscle.

So you can see how many people on Facebook actually engage with this topic, right? And then here, fitness workout for beginners. Okay, you had 12,000 Pinterest shares. So the 3 best workout routines, we had also 10,000 Facebook shares. So this will give you an idea of what are the hot topics within your niche. So BuzzSumo, that’s the second place I would research into.

Then the third place I would research into is Answer the Public. 

So let’s use building muscle again. Okay, So this website here is basically will give you a lot of ideas around your key topic, like, for example, Now we have like how to build muscle fast. When building muscle, how much water should I drink? How much cardio should I do? How to reduce fat? What builds muscle?

So all these will give you topic ideas, as well as to what you can create for your lead magnet. Okay, can building muscle reduce loose skin? So all of these are various topics that you can maybe find an issue within there that is also suitable for your report. Okay, this can give you the idea for your report itself.

Okay, So those are the free ones. 

Then let me just quickly show you a paid. 

I have this subscription to what is called LSI Graph.

And you can… this one you can actually select by country, right? So say we can select Malaysia, and we say, building muscle. So what this gives you is the number of times people search a particular keyword in your country, or in the whole world. All right, so usually I use USA, because there’s more search volume there to get a better idea. Okay.

So in Malaysia, every month, for example, there is 320 people searching for building muscle, right? That’s the keyword they’re searching for. And the other thing about this is that it also gives you the topics and articles that have a lot of social shares here. So here I can know like, okay, how to build muscle and size. There’s only 2 shares, right? Where as this one 9 killer ways to gain muscle naturally, there’s 3,000+ shares. How to build strength, right? That’s on New York Times, there’s 5,000+ shares.

So this will give me a good idea of what report or lead magnet I can create that is attractive for people who are interested in my topic. So based on number of searches. Based on the social shares. So, you know, just using these four tools.

And this LSI Graph costs something like $17 a month. So it’s not too expensive, but it can give you a lot of information as to what is, you know, worthwhile out there.

And, you know, if you want me to do a quick search for you, just go to the Facebook group and just type in your keyword. And I can, you know, do the search and give you the report. So this can probably help you out as well. Okay. All right.

So, I just want to show you some examples so that you guys are on the right track with your lead magnet creation. Okay. So this one here I have listed it as a bad example. Okay? Why? Because first of all, this is like a… looks like a whole thick book. Ebook on how to create this thing right.

First of all, it’s complicated. It doesn’t address the problem. And maybe it’s trying to address too many problems by giving out too much information. So don’t give out too much information in your lead magnet, because people are not going to consume it. And if people don’t consume it, they’re not going to move to the next step with you.

Okay. So another bad example here. Okay, marketing wants proposals that look fabulous. Sales wants fast. And they needed it yesterday. Tips and best practices. Okay, state of proposals 2020. Holy cow, man, that’s like… that freaks me out. Just the title already freaks me out. And I don’t want to read it already, right? Don’t make it like so formal like a white paper, that kind of stuff, unless you know, you’re a huge corporate right. But these ones they are not suitable for most SMEs. Okay, these ones will just freak people out.

Okay, this is not, is the bad example. Do not follow it. And it looks like, once again, it’s like, yeah, really, really thick and scary. You don’t want to scare people. Keep it simple. All right.

This is a good one. Okay, right. Download our free ebook and learn why messenger marketing is the next big thing in e-commerce. Okay, although it’s a ebook, It sounds like it’s addressing a very specific problem. Okay. So and that problem is people in e-commerce that are looking for new ways to generate customers. This sounds like a pretty good thing to download.

Okay, so that’s why you can see here out of 40 what you call reactions, you have 10 shares. So that, to me indicates that people are liking it a lot, right? When you have a 4 to 1 ratio, that means it’s a really good what you call that, sharing ratio, right? People are sharing It means it’s good.

Another example by Jack Canfield, the author of Chicken Soup. I think, Chicken Soup for the Soul is 21 ways to make your vision board more powerful. Get the checklist. So this is a checklist. Okay, so it’s 21 points to tick, and maybe you can just print it out and upload, you know, basically use it straight away. Okay, so it’s nice and simple, and it’s very it solves a specific problem. Just a vision board, right? So this not saying, okay, how to, you know, achieve all your goals, and next and all that kind of stuff, right? So it’s very specific. And you can see here once again, 1.5K shares and 6.4K reactions.

Okay, this is one of ours. Okay, so we wrote a… basically created this thing where we kind of like “How to Create and Scale Winning Ads.” Okay, so scale your ads and get more customers. And we talked at first to the pains of people that we know are struggling with Facebook ads. And then we basically have this free report they can download. And it’s like just a few pages, and people can consume it pretty quickly. I think we gave about 6 or 7 steps that people can actually, you know, scale the ads with. Fairly straightforward and fairly simple.

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