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Are you constantly sending out emails to your email list, but your open rates and responses suck?

It’s kind of like inviting people to a dinner party, and hardly anyone shows up. You’ve spent hours preparing the delicious food but even those that show up aren’t really tasting it. It can be downright frustrating and discouraging. 

Let’s turn things around.

In this video, I’ll reveal 5 strategies that have worked very well to boost our email marketing rates – and get leads and sales for our clients.

Here’s a teaser about the 5 strategies. Watch the video for the details.

  1. First up, this strategy grabs people’s attention because you’re guaranteeing something. And we all love guarantees, don’t we? When your subscribers get to enjoy the benefits of your product/ service without any risk, they won’t be able to pass up on the offer.
  2. The next strategy helps your subscribers to warm up to you and trust you more. It appeals to our human nature because we like to know about other people’s secrets and hear the latest gossip.
  3. Next, you can get mad!. Yes, ranting can endear them to you. But be careful here. You don’t want to do it the wrong way and come across as a complainer. Our video below explains how to do it the right way… and get sales! 
  4. This next strategy is about addressing concerns that might prevent your subscribers from buying, or finding out more about your product. We highlight the proper way to do this in the video below.
  5. The final strategy is about ‘entering the conversation in your subscribers’ minds. The more you are able to deduce their thoughts, the more powerful your emails can be. 

 Email marketing is one of the most effective methods to increase your revenue and sales – but you gotta do it right.

Check out the video, try out the strategies and I bet you’ll start seeing some dramatic improvements in your email open and click through rates:

Video Transcript 

Hi, are you a coach and you’re looking to use email to actually get more open rates, get more clicks
and maybe even more sales?

Well, if so, this is the right video for you because I’m going to share with you 5 ideas that you can use in your email marketing that will get you phenomenal results.

Hi, my name is Terence and I’m from Radical Marketing and these 5 tips I want to share with you today
for email marketing is entirely based on actual real-life case studies that we’ve analyzed Our own
clients and we’ve come up with these 5 ideas and I want to share them with you.

These emails have got the most open rate, the most click-throughs, and the most results. So I hope that by sharing this with you, you will actually get more results with your emails as well. Let’s hop into it. 

First idea:

 Make a big, clear, bold promise with your emails. Okay, so what do I mean by this? Say that you
could guarantee someone achieve a certain result within a certain time frame. Then say it because
people want results. whether’s getting a six-pack? Whether It’s losing weight, whether it’s growing
the business by 10x, whatever it is, make sure you can deliver. And make that big, bold promise.
Because, yeah, if you can’t deliver, obviously that will be just exaggerating. You turn people off, you
lose credibility. But if you can actually say, for example, use the case study, here’s how I helped a
client to achieve half a million dollars in sales in just 30 days, right? For example, that is achievable.
And if you can actually deliver on that promise, people are going to be interested. And if it’s a case
study, yeah, I mean, people will want to know how you did it and they want you to do it for them as
well. Especially if you can promise that they get the results, right? So that’s the first one. Make a big,
bold promise.

Idea number two:

is to let them ‘under the sheets’. This is where you share very personal stuff, but no, not in the intimate way. Even though I said let them ‘under the sheets’, this is about getting them to know you, share stories about your personal life, what’s going on. People love to hear that stuff, right? That’s what they go on social media for.

They want to find out about other people’s things that are private, that’s kind of like the thing that they like to do so better still though is if you can tie it back into a lesson that you want to share with your audience. So say for example, I could share a story about how I went to the gym this week and even though I’ve seen this person for a long time at a gym, we never actually said hi to each other, right?

And interestingly enough, I took a piece of equipment that I didn’t know that that person was using and I started using it and yeah, she came to me and said, hey, actually I was using that. And I’m like, oh so sorry. And she goes, yeah no worries, I’ll just take another one. And I guess that kind of like now I guess if I see that person it’s kind of okay to say hi now, right? So the story that I could relate it to is that something like a stuff up, right? Say you did a stuff up with your marketing and you send them to the wrong page.

You could totally change that and make that into profitable thing where you can kind of say hey look, sign up here for today and I apologize we’ve made that mistake. In order to extend our apology, we’ll like to give you
a $100 discount for 24 hours. Something along those lines to get people take action, right?

So that’s kind of like letting people ‘in the sheets’ telling your own personal stories which are real and then
maybe you can get them to take some action or at least share a lesson from that, right?

Idea number 3 is to rant.

Yep, R-A-N-T rant. And you know this is where you’re sharing something that you’re unhappy about and you’re ranting about it. But make sure you don’t rant about your father in law or your mother in law or your
neighbor talking bad stuff about them. You need to rant against something that is an issue that your
target market is not happy about. For example, if you are an investment coach you could start
ranting about how the traditional schooling system does not teach people how to invest properly. 

You could rant about how politicians are not caring about your retirement funds, right? So stuff like that, that is going to put you on the side of the customer. Now if you know this famous marketer called Dan Kennedy, he
uses that to great effect all the time if you subscribe to his newsletter, you know what I’m saying?
Because every single issue he’s ranting about something.

 But the rant has a purpose to it and that is that he is basically helping his target market identify with him because he rants about things that they are also not happy about, about issues they’re not happy about. So when he rants it’s like, yeah, you’re kind of like building more trust and actually generating sales from it. So that’s the second thing you can do, start ranting in your emails. But yeah, once again rant against some important
issue, right, that your target market is not happy about.

The 4th thing is to address objections:

In your emails. Just remember this, the big 4 objections in sales and marketing that we talked about.
First is ‘I don’t have time’, ‘I don’t have money’ is the 2nd, and 3rd is ‘I don’t believe you’. And 4th is
that I don’t believe I can do it myself, I don’t believe in myself. So those are the 4 key things you
need to address, right? And you can address this progressively in your emails by telling stories, by
using logic to address these objections.

So these ones will help your customers to actually make more purchases in the future or if you want them to take a particular action in your email, it’s good to address these 4 issues. But say for example, there are also deeper issues that objections that you need to address. For instance, if you want them to go to a seminar of yours, for example, right? They may not have those 4 big objections, but they may have other objections such as hey, is there any parking?

Is there going to be the traffic jam? Do I have to pay for parking? The chairs comfortable? Is the
room going to be cold? So all these little things could actually in their minds, they could build a
mountain out of a molehill. So what you need to do is to address those issues that on the surface
may not be a big issue but you just never know. Sometimes people just create mountains out of
molehills and make that a huge reason why they don’t attend.

So regardless, think of all the objections, address that in your emails and you will find that people will take more what you call the action that you want. The action that you want. So that’s the 4th thing.

The 5th thing is to write emails on what they are thinking.

So what is the conversation that they are having right now at parties with friends? What’s the conversation that they are having with their spouses in the bedroom? What are the conversations they’re having with the colleagues at the water cooler? If you can address or speak to those conversations, enter that conversation, then you are going to have very good open rates and very good click through rates as well. Let me give you an example. One of our clients teaches people how to invest. So one of the key things that we have been talking about is that the recession, right? And people are worried about an incoming recession.

So we put that in the emails, we put that in our ads and we address that particular issue is that how do you invest in a recession and still make money, right? So that is the key thing that we’re addressing in our emails
and it’s really working. For months, we’ve been kind of using variations of that angle, that conversation, and we’ve been getting phenomenal results for the client.

So, yeah, it’s so important to figure out what they are talking about and enter the conversation. So guys, I hope those 5 ideas, you can take them and implement them, I’ll probably show it on screen here these 5 ideas that you can use in your emails and yeah, implement them and tell us what you think.

Of course, if you’re 
watching us on our blog or on YouTube, feel free to make some comments below. Leave your feedback and give us a like and subscribe, of course. And of course, if you want to talk to us about how we can help you to scale your business, scale your coaching business, feel free to reach out and be more than happy to talk to you.

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