Effective Marketing With YouTube Ads



Video is one of the best methods to marketing your business: engagement, views and conversions are through the roof compared with text pages.

YouTube ads have been widely used and the number of users has been growing at a fast pace. In fact, Youtube is the second largest search engine after Google.

It makes sense then to target your market on Youtube.

However, the big question remains…how to use it effectively?

I did a webinar that I want to share with you. Here you will find answers to all kind of questions related to YouTube advertising.

Here’s sneak peek at some of points I’ll be covering:

· Why Use Youtube Ads?
· Types of YouTube ads and how they can be used
· Perfect length of a YouTube ad
· Advanced YouTube marketing strategies
· Keyword targeting
· Retargeting
· Powerful Youtube Strategies


I hope you enjoy the recording!!

If you have questions just leave a comment. Please also use a comment to let me know what subjects would you like to see covered in future webinars.

I’ll appreciate your feedback!

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