Donald Trump’s Personal Branding Strategies

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Donald Trump is, of course, world famous – and whether it’s his brash personality, his real estate dealings, or his hit television show, one thing is for certain: everybody has a point of view and an opinion about the Donald. And good or bad (or sometimes both!) developing a persona that people respond to is a key to build a personal brand and reputation up from nothing.

There are a few things to that end that Donald Trump accomplished – and by picking his brain and finding out what worked for him, you can build your personal brand and reputation in a similar way, too!

Attitude is Key!
First and foremost, attitude matters. Trump has got attitude overload, and whether you like it or not, you definitely have a perspective about it. Trump’s reputation, then, precedes him because of his brash and open attitude – and while controversial press isn’t always the best press, remember that bad press is no press. That is to say, whether good or bad, people are talking about Trump and his attitude – and raising his brand in the world.

Confidence Attracts Confidence and Success
Trump is confident, or as some may argue, way over confident. But the Donald does have on thing going for him – that confidence breeds confidence, and his success is addictive in a way. He rubs people the right way in terms of how he attracts and uses success, and how confident he is about what he does and where he goes.

It Doesn’t Hurt To Know What You’re Doing
It’s not all attitude and bravado with Trump, though – he’s also built his personal brand and reputation up through meticulous years of real estate dealings and vast portfolio improvements that have netted him billions of dollars, thousands of properties, and much more. If you really want to build a personal brand and reputation like Trump, in any field you may be in, it doesn’t hurt to know what you’re doing and be really, really good at it to separate yourself from your peers and competitors.

Always Re-Invent Yourself Like The Donald!
The Donald has constantly reinvented himself, whether it’s his new television show on NBC that has become a smash success, or his political leanings and consideration towards running for president and other political offices. Once you’ve got a brand that is growing and developing, take the next step in your life and your persona, and see if you can’t develop it a bit and branch out – that way, people will see you for more than just a certain brand, idea, or attitude, and may respond to you even better when it comes to what it is you do.

Don’t Try to Please Everyone!
Donald Trump realises not everyone likes him, but he appeals to those he needs to: his raving fans. He doesn’t try to tone down to win over those who don’t like his brashness. He doesn’t apologise for what he says or does. Because he knows if he tries to please everyone, he will lose his fans who love him for being himself, and thus erode his personal brand.

All in all, Donald Trump is a great case study for how to brand yourself and build a public persona. Like him or hate him, people talk about Donald Trump, and millions react to what he does. Even if you don’t enjoy his views or attitude, there is something to be learned about the way he goes about his business, and the attitude he carries about who he is, what he does, and what he can do in the business and political world.

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