Crafting Your Irresistible Offer Part 4

Date: September 2, 2021
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Want to create an offer that pushes the ‘fence-sitters’ to make a decision? 

In this video, I will give you 3 powerful strategies to get procrastinators to act…

… to bust any objections that prospects have. 

I explain how to do: 

     Tip #1 : Stacking up your value 

     Tip #2 : Create scarcity 

     Tip #3 : Risk-reversal 

These tips are the ultimate weapons you need for creating an offer people will say ‘YES’ to. 

It’s all in the video below… check it out now!   

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Video Transcript 

So let’s say sickly get into the last few slides, just to give you a few more tips to make your offer stronger, okay? Okay.

So, first tip is to always stack your value.

So what do I mean by that is to make your product sound like it’s really cheap by stacking more value into it, right?

So, think about it. Most customers are not aware of the value that you provide or that you’re giving.

So how do you justify the value of the product that you’re selling or the service you’re offering, is first of all, you need to educate them, right? Educate them and say, okay, you know. Did you know that, you know, to create this sandals by itself, you actually need to, you know, do all this stuff, right? Which, you know, actually cost a lot of money, for example, right?

And then make it real. Because what a lot of speakers do is they don’t make it real enough. It’s like, okay, you buy, sign up for my program, right? It’s worth this much and this much, right.

So how do you make it more real is that you use comparisons, right?

So, real estate industry, that’s perfect, right?

You can use all these comparisons of this different products around place that say, okay, well, you see. You know, this one selling for 2 million, that one selling for 2.5 million. And this one that’s smack bang in between, we’re only selling for 1.8 million. And it’s like much newer, and it’s got all these other facilities that these two don’t have, right?

So that’s comparisons.

Or you could be saying, okay, this guy sells this water filter.

This brand sells this water filter for $2000. This one sells for $5000. We’re selling ours at $3000. And it’s got all this other features that these ones don’t have, right?

So that makes it more attractive.


Second, is to sell the actual product on your site.

And I’ve seen this used with many, more of the speakers stuff, right? Where. Okay. You. They actually sell. Okay, if you buy my whole package, it’s like $5000 for the year. But if you want to buy this separately with these five
components, each one you would pay $3000 and you can see it on my website yourself and you can
actually buy it there.

So for us, in our agency is that, yeah, we do the same. We, you know, we can sell the funnel. We have a one-on-one coaching program. All this actually sell separately for x amount. So when you buy the full package, you get it an actual huge discount on it, right?

And I guess, also, like with a lot of this, show how much it will save them as well over the long term.


So a lot of people might say, oh yeah, but your product is more expensive. But you say, yeah, but my product actually lasts, is proven to last five times longer.

And this is what they will say for you, right? Compared to other products. And how much it will save them if they, you know, buy an inferior product, ends up sending them to hospital, or it ends up causing them some disease. How much will that cost them? Right?

So now you’re making your product seem like it’s so much cheaper.

Because like, all right, this isn’t like an, think of it as an insurance. You buy this product for $5000. But if you, you know, get whatever issue like you get, say, lung cancer, if you don’t buy this product, right? You actually save, you’re saving, you know, hundreds of thousands of dollars, and it could save your life.

So talk about how much it will save them as well.

All right?

Yeah, because most people would just pull a figure out the air and say, I want to sell this product for 50 bucks, or whatever it is. But you need to justify the product and, you know, make them feel that they’re getting real value.

Okay, bonus tip number two is to create scarcity.

So use time limits.



You can get this product only in the next 24 hours for 10% off, right? And you have a time ticker on that page. Which I suggest you use a software, which I mentioned in the group before. It’s called Deadline Funnel.

So creating scarcity will make people take action.


It’s a proven thing.

The other thing you can use to create scarcity is a quantity limit.

So, okay, we only have 14 of this slipper sandals left, right? So make sure you get yours now before they all run out. We only have five more of this condo units left. And we’re bringing in like 20 people over the next week to come and see them.

You know, if you want to make sure you get the unit of your choice, you can put a $1000 deposit right now.

The other thing is fast action bonuses, right?

So hey, if you, if you’re one of the first 10 to buy this, I will give you this, right? I’ll give you this extra bonus. I will give you, you know, lucky draw or whatever else you can think of, or I will give you one on one coaching session.

Whatever it is, to get people to take action, or I will give you an extra pair of slippers or beach towel, or whatever

Sunscreen, lotion.


And then the final bonus tip number three is to make sure you always have risk reversal.

So what is risk reversal?

So basically make it risk-free for your customer to buy it.

So, for example, in real estate, you say you put in a $1000 deposit right now, and look, if you have three days to decide, if it’s not for you, you know, you can take back your $1000.

But I just want to make sure you reserve the best unit for your family. And have a think about it over the next three days, no pressure. But you know, at least you take that commitment right?

Once again, it’s about having that guarantee again.


Your sandals won’t break. Having guarantee that you will deliver what you promised.


I think Cassandra, for example.

It’s like, okay, if you’re not satisfied within one week, we will refund your money, or something like that, right? 30, 60 day guarantee, whatever guarantee it is.


Make it so that they can. It’s kind of easy to make that decision.

Another one is a try now pay later option.

Where it’s like, okay, I won’t bill you for the first seven days, and then you’re happy, I will keep your, I will charge your credit card details.

May not be workable for everybody.

But say, for example, pet shops. You can take the dog home for like three days. And if you want to keep the dog,
we will charge you. If not, then bring back the dog or the cat, or whatever animal it is, right?

So, how can you let them try now and pay later?


So that’s another risk reversal method.


And then also, you know, the low price thing.

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