[Case Study] How Our Agency got 1,372 Seminar Registrations in 6 Weeks

1372 Seminar Registrations in Just 6 Weeks


A marketing case study: Seminar lead generation using digital marketing strategies.

In this video, I’ll talk about an actual case study where we had a relatively tight time frame to fill up a seminar and generate 1,372 seminar leads for this client.

In fact, we only had 3 weeks before for the first seminar and we had to start things from scratch.

What steps did we take to build a seminar marketing campaign?

  • Conduct our marketing research.
  • Set up our ads and write copy for the ads.
  • Do up the images for the ads.
  • Revise and re-write landing and thank you pages.
  • Write 3-part email campaigns – twice to the same email list.

Also, let me explain why marketing seminars are super tough:

  • You have to convince people that coming all the way to the seminar and spending a few hours of their time is better than staying at home and watching the latest episode of Game of Thrones while sipping away on their favourite drink…and relaxing on their comfortable sofa. In fact, many experts argue that convincing someone to give their time is harder than convincing them to give you their money…sometimes that is very true.
  • People know that they are going to be sold at the event…their guard is up…so you gotta make a very compelling argument that the content at the free seminar is going to be worth coming for.
  • You may have good content for your seminar but many people have confidence issues or issues of past failure. “I tried that stuff before it doesn’t work for me” or “Yeah it works for you because you are <insert reason>, but it won’t work for me because I am <insert excuse>’  are common objections…you need to address this.
  • Every man and his dog it seems to fancy themselves as an expert and has put out information on youtube, blogs, books and elsewhere…so you are competing against these guys and persuading the prospect that your information is unique.
  • On the topic of competition…there’s so many free seminars and webinars on similar topics that are also getting advertised on Facebook. You gotta stand out…which is not always easy.
  • Getting the right crowd…one of the biggest frustrations is getting the right crowd to your event. Getting the right crowd means having the right message…and often means paying more for a qualified lead.

Anyway having said all this, we still managed to get 1,372 registrations for this event (in a very competitive market).

In this short video, I will reveal the exact techniques of how we achieved this.


Summary of How We Generated 1,372 Seminar Registrations

  1. We identified several powerful message hooks that we felt would resonate with our audience.
  2. We used Facebook ads as the main channel to get people to sign up to our event.
  3. We used past data from events that the client was running in another country. We used the data collected in the Facebook pixel to create similar audiences for our event. This helped eliminate a lot of the guesswork as to what Facebook interest would be keen on our event.
  4. We used images that pop…that were really outside the box in terms of what people would expect to see in a newsfeed. For example, we used a snail carrying a house in one of our ‘How to profit in a slow property market’ ads.
  5. For our email campaigns, we looked at what everyone was talking about in the news…and used that as our ‘headline’. In this instance, the national elections had just happened and people were wondering what that meant for the property market…we milked that angle and got a great response from the marketplace.

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