Case Studies

Webinar Marketing Case Study – From Zero ROAS to 10X ROAS

Going from barely breaking even to achieving a remarkable 10x on your ROAS… That would tremendously change your marketing game.

How We 4X This Client’s Business by Changing One Thing

If you’re a coach who’s running webinars, seminars, or any other events… chances are you have a ‘broken funnel’ that’s limiting your...

How We Slashed 50% CPL

How we slashed Ad costs from $12.60… to $4.29 (in just 4 weeks) for a tuition center. Here’s our in-house ‘secret recipe’ that we used to slash Cost Per Lead by over 50% in just a few weeks.

7 Lessons From Getting 14,068 Webinar Signups

We got an ‘SOS’ message: “We need your help to create history - we want to create the largest virtual summit ever in this country!”

Seminar Case Study: A Last Minute Marketing SOS

A last minute call for help which we promptly answered to help this client fill their seminar after 6 weeks of poor marketing results.

Webinar Case Study: The Headline That Increased Conversions by 326%

We want to show how changing a few words in our headline pulled in 326% more conversions on our Landing Page – all in just SEVEN days.

$400 On Facebook Ads & Generates $38,400

Helped a gym owner with a simple Facebook ad that got close to a 10,000% ROI within 7 days.

120 Registrations With Only $100 Ad Spend

Live webinar promotion that resulted in 120 registrations within 48 hours with only $100 on ads!

1,372 Seminar Registrations In 6 Weeks

We had a relatively tight time frame to fill up a seminar and generate 1,372 seminar leads for this client.

Seminar Marketing Using Facebook Ads

Get inspired! This case study shows you how to start marketing your seminars using Facebook Ads.

Slashed Cost Per Registration By 74%

Massively slashed marketing cost for a new client. This was done by just changing the ad copy and images.

Slashing Registration Costs from $38 to $15

I will be revealing a powerful technique from my marketing arsenal of getting people to sign up for events for less marketing dollars.
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