Case Studies

Throughout the years, we’ve helped dozens of companies running seminars and webinars get incredible success. When we get some spare  time, we add some of the case studies of how we help them here…and reveal what we did to get the result.

We hope you enjoy watching these seminar and webinar marketing case studies.

A Showcase Of Our Successful Marketing Results

Seminar Marketing Blueprint Series (Video 5)

Congratulations, you’ve made it to the fifth and final video of the Seminar Marketing Blueprint video series.  Most people who market seminars play what I call the ‘short term game’...they ...
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Seminar Marketing Blueprint Series (Video 3)

In video 3 of the seminar marketing blueprint we explain why after people register for your event...the battle is not over yet.   It’s still important to keep them interested in ...
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Seminar Marketing Blueprint Series (Video 2)

People often ask me what types of ads they should run to market their webinar.  In this video, I’m revealing the five different types of Facebook/Instagram ads you ought to ...
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Seminar Marketing Blueprint Series (Video 1)

We have been successfully filling rooms with our Seminar Marketing Blueprint, and in this series of videos we’re going to unveil some of the inner workings of how we fill ...
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Seminar Promotion Special Training Series – Video 3: Writing Kick-Ass Copy to Promote Your Seminar

When I’m doing seminar promotions, the #1 thing I would place in terms of importance for the success of your promotion efforts, is the copy. I’ve experienced it too many ...
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Seminar Promotion Special Training Series – Video 2: Where to promote your Seminar?

In our Seminar Promotion video series, I discuss the best channels to use to promote your seminars. I explain what is my favourite channel to promote seminars where I’ve been ...
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3 Levels of Marketing Investment Property

The Three Levels of Marketing Investment

In a challenging economy, most companies would rather cut off their marketing budget. Allocating an amount of money for marketing is often misunderstood as wasting a company’s resources. Contrary to ...
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Seminar Marketing Case Study - Last Minute SOS

Seminar Marketing Case Study : A Last Minute SOS

Seminar Marketing Case Study: A Last Minute call for help...which we promptly answered. We just finished marketing a seminar and I would like to share the results here with you ...
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120 Webinar Registrations with $100

Webinar Marketing Case Study: 120 registrations with $100?

We just promoted a live webinar last week and we achieved a good amount of registrations within 48 hours... and we only spent $100 on ads! But there was a ...
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Slashed Seminar Marketing Costs from $38 to $15 per registration

Seminar Marketing Case Study- how we slashed cost per registration for a client from $38 to $15

...and we filled up the event in 5 days. Today I will be revealing a powerful technique from my marketing arsenal of getting people to sign up for events. It's ...
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