Brandvertising Program

Create Pre-Eminence, Authority & Trust In Your Market

If you are an Expert who provides consulting, training or coaching services it’s no longer good enough to just advertise.

The top Experts are constantly engaging in brand-building while advertising themselves.  This is what we term as ‘Brandvertising’.

A Brandvertising approach is becoming essential on social media firstly because of the nature of the media.

It is a place where people come to interact with others and stay updated, so an ad asking the prospect to buy something is not consistent with the nature of the media.

Secondly, a Brandvertising approach is important because you are trying to do business for the long-term overhyped and salesy ads will often result in a poor impression of you and your business leading to a further deterioration of your ad performance.

Brandvertising is about giving value to viewers of your ad so that they gain something and have a positive perception of your business even if they don’t decide to buy now.

At Radical Marketing, we take a Brandvertising approach to our ads which helps us our clients stand out from the crowd and leaves a positive impression.


The Future Of Advertising on Social Media

For a full explanation on Brandvertising, feel free to watch the video below.

Activate Brandvertisting For Your Business

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