Brandvertising: A Framework for High Performing Ads


Many business owners and marketers often share a common misconception: 

They believe that advertising is solely about getting sales.

But what if you could create ads that…

  • Get sales 
  • Help your brand to stand out 
  • Leave a positive, lasting impression 
  • Get lower cost per lead 
  • Get more likes and loves… and less angry faces 
  • Get more shares than other ‘regular’ ads 

Let’s just say we discovered it. 

We call it the ‘Brandvertising’ system. 

It’s our own special approach to make our ads go beyond just getting sales.  

This applies to your ad copy, video scripts and landing pages. 

In this video, we’ll reveal 3 key elements in the ‘Brandvertising’ System that gives you the best of the direct response marketing and the branding world. 

So your ads can still get new customers…  while making your brand extraordinary. 

Find out how you can create your own ‘Brandvertising’ system in this video. 


Hey there, Terence here from Radical Marketing. Today, I want to show you a very special presentation, which is how we develop our ads using a process called Brandvertising. Now how Brandvertising came about is because we realized that in today’s age, where you advertise online on social media and all these platforms, it is so important to not just try and get a sale, but at the same time to try and build a positive brand out there.

The Concept of Brandvertising

Our goal is that when they see your ad, they feel positive about your ad, not like your ad was trying to sell them something or push them to get something that they didn’t want. But after reading your ad or watching your video ad is that they feel that, hey, that was a really good ad and they feel positive about your brand. So that is what we call Brandvertising, which is combining the best of both worlds, which is the branding world and at the same time, we want to use the direct response advertising world to get you the best results.

Elements of Brandvertising Ads

And that’s a whole process. And there are 3 elements in creating a brandvertising ad.

1. Storytelling

The first element of creating brandvertising ad is storytelling. As you can see in this ad, let me read it out to you. Basically, we want to catch people’s attention using the first line. So here is ‘How to use debt to become a multi-millionaire without working two jobs.’ So that is the hook to get people’s attention.

2. Providing Value

Moving on, the second element is that what we have is that we want to basically create value for people who are reading this ad. So the first element is storytelling. The second element, we make sure we have in all our ads is that we provide value in our ads, right?

3. Direct Response Marketing

The next elements that we include in our assets is the third element, which is direct response marketing. So while this is storytelling, while it’s providing value, the other part of it is that we want to make sure people take action. So we built rapports. We basically provide a value and now what we want to do is to get them to take action.

Call to Action

Okay, call to action here is that basically we’re asking them to a free training. In this upcoming free training you’ll discover strategies for generating regular cash flow to cover expenses while growing your wealth safely. Secondly, how to use other people’s money to buy undervalued properties and watch them soar in value. And thirdly, the exact asset class to roll your earnings into to see generous and safe returns year after year. Use debt to buy assets.


So those are the three elements, once again, storytelling. Secondly, providing value, and thirdly, using direct response principles to actually get people to take action. So that’s how our brandvertising framework works. And as you can see down here, right, I’ll skip the video, but you can see there are 101 likes, right? No angry faces, no negative responses here. And 36 shares. Right. So 101 and 36 shares. So if you look at the response to share ratio, that’s really, really high.


So that means this ad is people actually like it. They like it so much that actually sharing it right. I think that in essence is the power of brandvertising where you’re not only getting people to do the action you want, you’re actually creating a positive impression, a long term brand in the eyes of your viewers and readers of your ad. So that’s why I want to share about brandvertising. I hope you enjoyed this video and got something out of it. Thanks for watching and I’ll see you on the next video.

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Brandvertising: A Framework for High Performing Ads

Many business owners and marketers often share a common misconception:  They believe that advertising is solely about getting sales. But what if you could create ads that… Get sales  Help

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