Brand Your way to the Top

‘Brand your Way to the Top’- One day Seminar


• Business owners who want to accelerate their business growth.
• Employees who want to get to the top faster.
• Entrepreneurs in start-up or growing companies.

This is the ‘missing secret’ you have been looking for. The key that will unlock new riches into your business and your life!

My name is Terence Tam, and I’m a #1 Amazon Bestselling Author, Entrepreneur and a former Australian University Lecturer.

In my 18 years of studying all the marketing gurus, teaching to thousands of students, and practicing marketing in my own business…I can tell you I have made millions of dollars, and at the same time, made millions of dollars of mistakes!

‘The Missing Secret to Success’

I’ve been studying top entrepreneurs and CEOs around the world, trying to find the ‘missing-secret’ that differentiates the top dogs from the rest of us.

And trust me…I’ve tried every marketing tactic under the sun in marketing…but something always felt missing and it was always hard work.

So I set out to discover what differentiates the super-rich and successful from the rest of us. I was surprised when I ‘cracked the code’… the secret is a simple word called ‘branding’.

Being the academic, I spent another 3 years studying, researching and testing out my findings.

Finally, this will be revealed to you in this one day event. You’ll be able to learn how branding can:

1) Boost your business profits and retain customers.
2) Help you rise to the top of your career
3) Reinvent your business to become the market leader.
4) Make your career or business ‘recession-proof’

I’ll show you why there’s currently a ‘Branding Gold Rush’ and how those ‘in the know’ are already reaping in the millions while the rest of us struggle.

Right now, it’s really a free land grab scenario….whoever puts their stake on the ground first, will be the one with all the riches and success…while the rest of us languish in ‘no-man’s land’.

Make no mistake…it’s a window of opportunity that won’t last long

So if you want to be the top dog in your industry, your business or your workplace, this is your chance to understand and stake your claim in this ‘Gold Rush’.

Learn how to stake your claim to riches and profits you’d never imagined before…all for a ridiculously small investment that will change your business and life…US$97 US$37! (only $27 each for groups of 2 or more)

I sincerely hope to meet you at ‘Brand Your Way to the Top”.

See you at the top!

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When? 16 November 2013. 9:30 am to 5:30 pm

Where? Menara PNS, Tower 7, Avenue 7, Bangsar South City, No.8 Jalan Kerinchi, 59200 Kuala Lumpur

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PS> *My Iron-Clad Guarantee to You: If you implement the ideas from this seminar and do not see an improvement in your life and business in 120 days, I will double the refund on your investment.

Click here to Enrol Right Now for Only $US$97 US$37!