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When Seth Goldman started Honest Tea, it didn’t seem like blogging would be what got him his initial and long-lasting notoriety and fame. But believe it or not, he used his blog to become a renowned expert and area influencer on tea and beverage distribution, as well as small business ownership and more, thanks to his influence and his talent writing down what he knew in the business world.

It might seem like a stretch to go from selling tea, to blogging about business – and expanding your tea business because of it – but if you are somebody like Seth Goldman you likely already know how he connected the dots in this manner. You see, it matters to become an influencer and it matters to have an area of expertise if you want to be respected and held in high regard by the business community and by your customers around the world.

Goldman took something simple like his own blog, and started dispensing information about sales, marketing, and more – all while providing high quality tea products that people genuinely and fully enjoyed for themselves – burning both ends of the candle to build up a serious reputation. Goldman’s blog helps his business brand by providing a company face of sorts, in many different ways; people get to know him the person (as well as him the business owner) through his company blog, which he uses to promote his worldview and opinions while showcasing his tea products and more.

With it, then, he works to showcase what the company can offer and add to your life as a product with added value, developing its brand and his own synonymously into something with meaning, quality, toughness, development, and more.

It isn’t something that happens overnight, of course; Goldman had to work for months and years to develop to the point where he could be well respected enough to become the face of Honest Tea and the trusted arbiter of information on his blog and for his company, but it is a shining example of a way in which one person can develop their own personal brand while simultaneously developing a business brand that can benefit their customers and more, to boot.

With a developed and well-understood mission to be transparent and meaningful, Goldman made sure that his brand exuded professionalism and more so that once people saw what he and his company was all about, it would be a simple and meaningful way that they could develop their loyalties towards his Honest Tea brand and work with his company to produce big gains and more in due time.

Businesses ought to take note of this relationship between Goldman, his blog, and his business – it is one relatively easy and critically important way in which you can develop a brand in the digital age. After all, the blog is free to use and free to publish – it just comes down to providing great content that adds value in people’s lives and leaves them wanting more from you and your company!

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