Hulk says Webinars Too Boring!

Hulk says, “Webinars too boring!” -- What happens if one of the Avengers finds your webinars boring? Here are 7 steps to prevent boring Webinars... Some webinars can get so lengthy that it causes your audience to lose interest, or in this case, piss off The Hulk.  No one wants ...
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How to Increase Frequency of Purchase

The final strategy to grow your business is frequency of purchase. Frequency of purchase is the number of times a customer has bought your service or product. How do you increase the number of times that your customers buy from you? Simple, the answer is by creating a relationship with your ...
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How to increase Average Dollar Sale

How to Increase Average Dollar Sale

Average Dollar Sale is a simple metric to measure how much you earn from your customers. It's also known as “average transaction value." Average Dollar Sale (ADS) is calculated by taking the gross sales divided by the number of paying customers over a certain time period. There are various strategies ...
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How to optimize your conversion rate

How to Optimize Your Conversion Rate

So many business owners focus on just getting more new leads into the business but fail to properly convert those leads into sales. When you have strategies to optimize your conversion rate from your existing leads, that can make a big difference in your results and profitability. Watch this video ...
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How to grow your business

How to Grow Your Business

In this video, I talk about these 5 ways to grow a digital business: Traffic: Everything starts with traffic because traffic is the lifeblood of any business. Without an effective method to generate traffic, either free or paid, your business is dead in the water. Leads: Once you get a ...
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