3 Reasons Why An Economic Slowdown is Great For Your Business

Three Reasons Why an Economic Slowdown is Great for Your Business

An economic slowdown brings fear and uncertainty to any business owner. The common reaction is to bury the hatchet and wait for things to ‘smoothen out’. However, from a marketing perspective, you can actually take advantage of this situation to boost your business. Let me explain my three reasons why ...
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Why Vanilla Marketing Is Destroying Your Business

Why Vanilla Marketing is Destroying Your Business!

It’s NO joke, businesses are dying because they conduct what I call, ‘Vanilla Marketing’. What is Vanilla Marketing? Vanilla marketing is doing what everyone else is doing. Doing the same style of advertising and marketing that everyone else does. For example, if I search for builders, lawyers or accountants, everyone ...
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How To Do Social Media Marketing The Right Way

Social media has many business owners and marketers dumbfounded. In fact, a recent study shows the majority of business owners are NOT getting any business from their social media marketing efforts. The dangerous part is…social media can suck up your time like a black hole. Just ask any business owner ...
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Your Ego Is Destroying Your Marketing

How Your Ego is Destroying Your Marketing

Yes, your ego is destroying your marketing...and costing you thousands, if not millions of dollars of lost revenue for your business. The scary part is, you are probably using it unconsciously right now in your business. Your ego is dangerous because of several reasons: 1. You start thinking your business's ...
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The one Tip That Could Quickly Double Your Opt-in Rates

Marketing can sometimes be strange. You work hard and listen to all the experts, and sometimes you just manage to improve your results by a measly 10%-20%. Yet, sometimes you stumble upon one useful tip that could improve your conversion rates like crazy. I recently stumbled across one of these ...
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