How to improve Facebook ad performance

Beat Your Competition With This Metric

Would you like to beat your competitors with Facebook ads? Say you’re launching your ad campaign. You’ve put in the hard work, you’re confident about it. Then the ad… just… doesn’t... work. What went wrong? If your ad is tanking. Then you need to make changes… fast. The good news ...
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Surviving a Facebook ban

Surviving A Facebook BAN

As a digital marketer, I write ads all day…  …churning up new marketing ideas 24/7.  The last thing we need is an ad…  …or an account BANNED.  Panic mode…on.  If you got your ad account banned.   You’re not alone.  To save you from agony.   I’m revealing all I know about ...
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Multi-channel marketing strategy

The Most Dangerous Number in Business

The most dangerous number in Business according to author and marketing coach, Dan Kennedy… …is the Number ONE! How is this so? Most of us dream of being #1 in class, sports, and life in general. He’s talking about how relying on only ONE marketing channel or ONE strategy… …is ...
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How to boost your business with strategic alliances

How to Boost Your Business With Strategic Alliances

Are you ready to ‘Crush It’ in 2020? Here’s one big thing that I learned in the past year that has grown my business a lot...without spending a cent. It’s called ‘Strategic Alliances’. The good news is… ...I’ve put together a short video on how to grow your business with ...
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Successful Seminar Events We Filled Up

These are just some of the events we filled this month.  We do marketing for 10-20 events every month...these are just some of them that we managed to get pictures of.  Joel Bauer in Kuala Lumpur: 255 attendees Standing with all the applicants for Joel’s program...and my poor attempt at ...
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