Become an expert reason 6

Date: July 18, 2013
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Become an expert reason 6

Hi, Terence Tam from ExpertizeU here. Onto to reason number six why you should become an industry expert. Thank you for following me to video six because I hope that you are really gaining a lot of tremendous value from these video. Anyway, on to video number six.

The sixth reason why you should consider becoming an expert is because it improves your sales conversion rates. Who doesn’t want more sales in business, right? Problem is your competition with so many other people there with similar or sometimes the same products.
What makes you stand out can be your expertise, your expert status that makes you stand out. That’s why I always suggest that if you want to become an expert, you should write a book. With that book, you are carrying your expertise everywhere and you can easily transfer and demonstrate that expertise with your book to your prospects.

All things being equal, if you had someone come to you with three different price quotations, right, and the prices are roughly the same, and this guy came to you, one of the guys came to you and attached a book on the top ten pitfalls of your particular product.

Instantly, all things being equal, you are going to select the guy with the book because he has now demonstrated his expertise in a book for you while submitting that quotation. A book can be a very useful tool in creating your expert status and improving your sales conversion. In the digital age, as they say, no one knows if you’re a dog with the internet, right? So, it is absolutely crucial that you build credibility and trust.

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