Analysis of the Ad that gave us 44.65% cheaper webinar leads

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As a marketer, one of the best ways to get attendees to your webinar event is by running ads. It’s an effective way to reach a large audience and attract potential customers who are interested in your product or service to attend your event.

Wanna know the #1 reason why ads perform? 

Is it targeting or using some awesome new feature on Facebook? 

Or is it the image? 

How about awesome videos? 


None of the above. 

The #1 determinant is: Your message. 

Think about it…

If your message is confusing or unrelatable, even if you have the best targeting or coolest feature, it won’t matter.

Your potential customers will scroll right past your ad without a second thought.

But don’t worry, crafting a powerful message isn’t rocket science.

Here are some key aspects of your ad message that can make or break your ad performance:

Attention-grabbing opener: Your opening line is the first thing that your potential customers see. Make it catchy and intriguing to grab their attention and make them want to read more.

Clear and concise message: Keep your message concise and to the point. You’re not writing a novel.

Tell them exactly what they will get from attending your event and why it’s important.

Benefits over features: How will attending your event solve their problems or make their lives easier? Make them very specific and attractive.

Call to action: Don’t forget to include a clear call to action.

Tell your potential customers exactly what you want them to do next, whether it’s registering for the event, downloading a free resource, or contacting you for more information.

This way you can create a powerful performing ad that gets quality leads without breaking the bank.

We’ve been totally killing it with Facebook ads for our webinar clients…

… and I mean seriously raking in tons of leads – at a low cost per lead.

The key to our success is creating killer ad copy that really speaks to our target audience and gets them pumped to attend.

The trick to crafting ad copy that slays is to really get into the headspace of your audience.

That means diving deep into their pain points, interests, and goals – and then using that info to tailor your ad copy to speak to them directly.

You want to make it crystal clear why they need to sign up for your webinar, and what’s in it for them.

We recently ‘hit the jackpot’ with one of our ads – it went viral and slashed our ad costs by a whopping 44.65%.

Watch this video where I break down the ad line by line and show you exactly what made it so effective.

Then you can take our tips and craft your own kick-ass ads that bring in the leads and slash your ad costs.

Video Transcript 

Hi. This is Terence from Radical Marketing.

Today I’m really excited to share with you an example of how we actually reduce our cost per lead by 44.65% with just one powerful ad.

And I’m just not just going to brag about the results, but I actually want to show you and break down and analyze this ad so that you can get some ideas on how to write powerful and effective ads for your own webinars.

So let’s get into it. All right, just to show you what was happening, right? So this is the actual result here, where we averaged RM32.47 using local currencies, right? So I’m just adding these two up and basically giving you the average.

And this was compared to comparing to the main campaign where we were getting RM58. So as you can see, this is the overall campaign that was giving us RM58 and compared to RM32 in this particular test.

Just looking at it, actually, we’re getting substantial numbers here, right?

So it’s not just a random thing where we’re just getting 10 leads and it’s like, fantastic. Now we’re getting hundreds of leads. Okay, so just want to show you that basically what we have done here is that we have actually reduced our cost by RM26 in local currency, and that has resulted in a 44.65% cost reduction per lead for this webinar.  

So I just want to show you what it looks like, okay?

 Okay. Got to take my face away from that. All right, so this is the ad, and I just want to basically I’ll break it down for you later, but as you can see, it’s a middle length ad, right? We actually write longer ads in this, but in this case, we just write a middle length ad. And here, as you can see, we had a lot of likes.

And you can see there’s no angry faces right there’s over 300 likes, 350 likes almost. And I want you to just look at the shares down at bottom, 97 shares from 350 likes. So that is a phenomenal amount of likes to share ratio, meaning that this ad is actually quite viral. And bear in mind, this is not a video ad. This is just a plain text and
image ad.

 So there is nothing viral about the video.

Most times, yellow shares is when you have great videos, right? But this one, we didn’t even have a video. This is just a plain text. In fact, it’s a stock image, right? So, yeah, let’s break it down to see why we managed to get this result, okay? And hopefully you can take some lessons away.

 So the first line here is, want to be rich, don’t buy a house. Instead start collecting assets. So remember the first line here, we want to get people’s attention. We want to get them hooked and curious as to what’s going on.


So here we are basically giving people if you break it down, right, want to be rich. That’s like yeah, that’s like speaking to their desire, right? But then it’s like, don’t buy a house, instead start collecting assets. That is a pattern interrupt. So when you interrupt people’s patents and people always think, okay, property is how I get rich.

I want to buy a house so that I can grow my wealth that way, right? So we’re just basically changing that paradigm and giving a paradigm shift, and we tell them instead, start collecting assets, which kind of generates that curiosity, is like, what does this ad mean? What do they mean by collecting assets?

Right? So that’s the first sentence, which is absolutely critical because actually I analyze the click through all (CTR all), which means how many percent of people who see the ad actually click on the ‘See More button’ or click or interact with the ad, right?

And we had close to 10% click-through all (CTR all), which is like huge, right? So here, just have that pattern interrupt to get people’s attention, all right? So that’s step one. And step two is like, make no mistake, the storms of recession are brewing and we need to get ready.

All right? So what am I doing here? What we’re doing here is we are getting people to we are inflicting pain, right?

We’re trying to inflict that pain on people who are reading it, okay? And we kind of address the objection, right? Because the instant reaction here would be like, oh, yeah, you’re just fearmongering.

So, hey, let’s tackle that objection head on and we say, I know it sounds like fear-mongering, right? And that basically gets people okay, that addresses the objection, so they continue reading, right? But think about it, which is kind of leading them to kind of read a bit more.

Global inflation is now public enemy number one, and US. Central bank is combating it by raising rates. What will happen? So we’re actually now talking very logically. We’re explaining what’s going to happen, which is both informational and educational at the same time. So this gets people reading even deeper into the ad,

The US. Dollar will keep going up, hence ring it, which is local currency, will keep falling. And as the ring it falls, we need to spend more to buy the same stuff. Okay, let’s move this. And because we can buy less, our economy is also likely to shrink, AKA recession. It’s really a potential triple whammy.

So here we are basically using logic and explaining what’s happening, educating people, right? And then what we’re doing next is like, we are basically talking like it’s like getting slapped on the left cheek by a falling ring it and then getting slapped again on the right cheek by inflation, then getting kicked in between the legs by the recession.

Okay? So I know that’s kind of like a bit grammatically incorrect, but it is actually colloquial English. 

So we made the English in a way that’s slightly a bit off to tailor for the local market, right? So, yeah, that’s how people locally sometimes speak. So we omit certain grammatical rules. But the important thing for you to get here is not to talk about the grammar, but it’s actually tailored it towards your local population and who’s reading it.

Right. If people speak that way, make sure you write that way, too, because it’s supposed to sound conversational. But the other principle behind this is that, all right, we’ve talked about logic here, right? 

But we’re using a metaphor here to really hit that point home, right? Getting slapped on the left cheek and then on the right cheek and then kicking between the legs. Yeah. People start feeling that and they visualize that and becomes real to them now, okay, so it really hits on the point about the pain, right? And that’s why we got so much engagement on this ad. 


That’s one of the reasons you’re making it real for them using metaphors. So let’s go into the next section. So first section, remember, is to get people’s attention. Second section is to kind of like open the wound. And the third section is where we provide a solution. So here we go. So how, once again, colloquial English. That’s how locals speak here. 

Please don’t think we don’t write good English that’s tailored for the local market. So that’s why I’ve created designed a special investment plan for these times, right?

So you’re kind of like you’re opening the wound and now you’re providing a solution. This is copywriting. 101, right? I call it the Bulletproof Investment Plan. So this is what we call in copywriting, a mechanism which makes your solution different from everybody else’s out there.

And this mechanism in this client’s case is called the Bulletproof Investment Plan, right? We just make it a bit more dramatic. It’s fortunate for over a decade of experience, so a bit of credibility as well for the speaker to withstand a fierce recession storm. This is the shield that Malaysians need. So, again, we’re using metaphors, at the same time communicating the benefit of it.

All right? I’m revealing this in my free web class, which includes and this is where we kind of explain how our solution is different from everything else out there, right? So why multi-asset allocation is critical now for both defense and attack.

So, once again, using a metaphor. That’s the whole defense and attack with your wealth, right? How to find money to invest and get better returns of that sort of practical that addresses the objection of, like, I have no money to invest. And the three wealth buckets that everyone who wants to build generational wealth needs to know about.

Okay, So that, further, is not a mechanism, but that also helps differentiate our client from everybody else out there. Okay? Our ultimate goal. So this is, once again, we want to paint the ultimate desire that they all want. That all the readers want, right. Which is to help them create a new stream of income to weather rising costs. So this is the number one desire through our market research that they want, right?

So people are working, they want an extra stream of income to weather rising costs, whether they’re working on an entrepreneur and build long term wealth. Right. So those are two things that they really want. So we put that into there.

This is the exact armor our wealth needs.

Once again, using a metaphor so that people can visualize it, right? Putting on an armor for your wealth, it creates that picture in the mind’s eye. And that’s very important when you’re writing copyright. 

You need to create this picture in the mind’s eye, not just use logic. Right. Because this is very much logic. Right. But we need to kind of like sync both the left, the logic brain, and the right, which is the imagery, the creative brain.

 If we can address both parts of that, that is what creates very, very good copy and gets people to dive both the emotion and logic together. Okay? So, yeah, that’s where we have the metaphor to defend against the evil armies of inflation and recession. Right? Very metaphoric.

So you’re kind of like picturing all these big armies of evilness like Lord of the Rings, coming in and you need to guard yourself for war. Right? All right. And finally call to Action to find out more about this event and to claim one of the remaining free spots, which is a bit of scarcity here.

 Head over here now. Okay, so that’s pretty much it. We probably could have made the Call to Action a bit stronger, like future pacing and stuff, but I think that we kind of future pace here a little bit as well.

Right. So, yeah, that’s the ad. It’s pretty short. Pretty not super short, but short enough. Sometimes we write pretty long ads, but this really worked.

One thing you can see, the image is just a very generic image, nothing special about it. So it was the copy that really carried this ad, not the image. Right. And we could test with different images, which is what we’re doing right now to see if that actually improves the effectiveness of the ad. But at close to 10% CTRO, I think we’re doing a pretty good job so one.

Another thing to actually pay some attention about ‘here is why buying a home won’t make you rich.’

Right? Once again, that emphasizes the whole pattern interrupt thing. So you’re kind of like going, what’s going on here? Right? Because everybody tells me that I need to buy a house to build my wealth and all that stuff. 

So this is where we’re saying, hey, buying a home will make you rich. Once again, emphasizing that hook, which then stops the scroll, right? That’s the whole purpose there. All right, so, yeah, I think that’s pretty much it.

So I really hope that you got something out of this and really enjoyed this. And make sure to check
out other videos on copy that we often have on our website and our YouTube channel.

So there’s a whole bunch of stuff that we constantly put out that’s really working in our agency that we share freely, pretty much.

So check out the other videos on our channel.

If you’re on YouTube or if you’re on our blog right now, just check out the other videos on our blog and I’m sure you get lots from it.

So thanks again for watching :)

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