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1. Who is Terence Tam?

Terence is an Australian-born Chinese currently living as an expat in Malaysia. He is a #1 Amazon.com best-selling author and the owner of an international publishing business.Terence has started over 10 businesses in the past 20 years, mainly in Australia.

Formerly, Terence was a University Lecturer in Marketing at various Australian Universities, including University of Sydney and Queensland University of Technology, lecturing in their Masters and MBA programs for 5 years.

The reason he is doing this seminar is because he has a passion for teaching and for seeing entrepreneurs succeed! He believes entrepreneurs are the seeds for creating a better world. He has made it his mission to help entrepreneurs to succeed in the digital age by building their personal brands.

2. What’s the content of the talk?

The seminar is really about how you can build your personal brand to stand out in the digital business age. You see, in this digital business era, its really about dealing with faster and fiercer competition. So you need to build 2 things rapidly to maintain a competitive advantage: trust and credibility in your personal brand. This seminar is all about how to build your trust and credibility fast so you can leapfrog your competitors and secure the high ground in the digital business age.

3. Who should attend this talk?

Because this topic is so important, anyone already in business or planning to be in business should attend this talk to gain the ‘unfair advantage’ in their business. Digital business has opened up a whole ‘land grab’ opportunity for savvy business owners to stake their claim by branding themselves. Entrepreneurs who have seized this opportunity are making overnight profits that the rest can only dream about.

4. Why should I attend this talk?

Social media and digital business is changing the face of business forever. In the industrial age, it was ok to just advertise heavily on TV and radio. But today’s customers are much more savvy, they want to interact with the business and other customers before they make a purchasing decision. That’s why branding in the traditional way is not enough. You need new ways of branding that is going to make yourself stand out from the crowd.

5. Would I learn enough about personal branding to improve my business?

Yes, from this one day event you will learn the digital age tools that you can use to build your personal brand. You’ll also learn the tools in the digital age that will help you leapfrog your competition and get you more customers than ever before. At the end of the day, it’s all about giving you the ‘unfair advantage’ in your business.

6. Why is personal branding important to my business?

The digital business age means you can no longer simply depend on your corporate brand. Social media like facebook, twitter and linkedin means that you now have to front up to your customers and stand for something that will build confidence and credibility for them.

7. So how is this branding seminar different from the rest?

This branding seminar is not just about standing out, making a fancy logo and creating a point of difference. It’s about building your personal brand which is essential in the digital business age. This in turn will help you enhance your corporate brand. Much like how Steve Jobs had a strong personal brand which helped built Apple into the world’s most valuable brand. The end result is you attract customers who value and love you.

8. Branding sounds boring…maybe I should just send my marketing guy to attend this?

That is a common branding misconception and is why most companies do not successfully brand themselves and rake in the profits. Branding is an integrated activity that the whole company needs to stand for, not a task that is solely delegated to the marketing manager or a branding company. It is what I like to call, ‘Total Brand Integration’. If the leader is not on board, your branding efforts are guaranteed to fail.

9. What’s included in the price? Are there any discounts?

Yes, the seminar is discounted from RM297 to RM47. You’ll also get a free printed report ‘how to be the #1 expert in your market’ valued at RM85. If you bring along 2 friends, you all get a discount so you only pay RM27 each instead of RM47 each.

10. How do I pay?

You can pay on this website: Click here now

Alternatively directly to our bank account:

Cambridge Consolidated Sdn Bhd
Public Bank
Acc: 3163136527

(Email your payment receipt to terence[at]radicalmarketingconsultant.com)

11. I have more questions, can I speak to someone please?

You may contact the event organiser Idrian on 012 370 9872 for more information.


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