The 80:20 Principle in Facebook Advertising

Date: June 14, 2018
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80:20 Principle

The 80:20 Principle is probably not frequently mentioned in Facebook advertising, yet understanding this principle can have a dramatic impact on how successful your ads are.

The 80:20 rule, also known as the Pareto’s Principle/Law, is a useful tool to maintain and prioritize work in your business.

The definition of 80:20 Principle is, the 20% of the whole input is responsible for generating 80% of your success. For example, on Facebook advertising business, out of 10 advertisements that you publish, only 2 would make a huge success that will generate a good return for you.

By understanding the 80:20 Principle, we could take advantage of the situation by taking the smallest profit and turn it into a large resource income for your whole business plan.

Watch this video to discover how this principle can help you slash ad costs and at the same time, propel your business growth to new heights.


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