5 Types of Facebook Ads You Should be Running (but probably aren’t)

5 Types of Facebook Ads That You Should Be Running


In this video I spill the beans on a large part that makes our agency different from others out there…

…and how we consistently get results above and beyond what others are getting.

I reveal the 5 types of ads that you should be running if you are promoting a seminar or webinar…

…that chances are, you or your agency are not running right now.

Hope you enjoy this video and leave a comment below with your thoughts.

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Video Transcription:

Hi, this is Terence from radical marketing. Today. I want to talk to you if you are in the seminar space, if you’re doing webinars. Here’s five ads, you ought to be running, which you probably are not running now.

So let’s get into it. What are these five ads that you are running? Look, most of us are probably like just running ads, like an image ad straight to like a landing page and say, “Hey, sign up for this webinar or seminar”. You get to learn all this stuff, right? That’s the most basic form of advertising that most people are using. Using Facebook, Instagram, or whatever platform you’re using.

I’m here to tell you that it’s not sufficient. If you’re just doing these kinds of ads, you are leaving a lot of money on the table.

The first type of ads that you should be doing, but you’re probably not, are video ads.

I’m talking about longer videos. Maybe as little as one minute, but as long as even 5, 10, 15 minutes of really, really good content that people can watch your video on your Facebook ad and they get a lot of value from it and decide to sign up for your seminar or webinar to actually get more information on the topic you’re talking about. So, that’s the first thing I would suggest if you’re not already running video ads is to run some good quality content video ads and add that to arsenal.

The second thing I would suggest to you is to run retargeting ads. So if you have a landing page, chances are maybe, if you have a life event or webinar, maybe 60% up to 80% will not sign up for your event the first go.

So what you need to do is to do some retargeting ads. You can basically create ads and target people who came to your landing page, but did not sign up. And you can also retarget people who have watched a certain percentage of your video as well. So those are the types of people you want to target, because those are probably people with some kind of interest, some kind of intent but at that point in time, they just didn’t feel like signing up or just got distracted. So you want a second bite of the cherry, and that’s why you want to use these type of retargeting ads.

Now the third type of ad that you want to do, and most people don’t do is ads that are pre-event ads. So what are pre-event ads? So say someone signs up today and your seminar is like seven days away. So what you want to do is to target those people who have signed up for the seminar with some retargeting ads.

So basically, give a lot of social proof in these ads so that people are excited and anticipate your event and it also acts as a reminder for them to actually come for the event. These are also very important because especially if you’re doing like free events, and free webinars, you want to make sure that people actually show up. So this is one great way to make sure a higher percentage of your registrants actually show up to the event.

And the fourth type of ad is a type of ad that hardly anybody does. And if you do this, you’re going to be way ahead of the pack. Now, these types of ads are what I call post event ads. So after the event, you should be having some ads to target people who attended the event and people who did not attend the event.

So in the case of a webinar, for example, you can retarget people who did not attend your webinar and give them an opportunity to watch the replay. And for people who attended your seminar, for example, you can retarget them with an ad to say, “Hey, did you have any further questions about our seminar or about our offering.” So you can open that conversation there for people to actually get in touch with you and maybe actually close a few sales from that. So that’s the fourth type of ad that would suggest that you do.

Now, the final type of ad. And this is probably not so much a direct response type ad, but the fifth type of ad is more a content branding type ad. Look, if you are doing seminars and webinars, chances are, you want to be seen as an expert. You want to be seen as a go to person.

And in most cases, it’s really good if you can put out some good quality content out there, and sometimes this content does not have to have any call to action. It can be a blog post. It can be a video of you like what I’m doing now and basically just put it out there and put a bit of money behind it to boost it and to reach your target audience.

Now, this will basically help you to brand yourself out there and to create recognition out there for your products and services. Now, the other benefit is that after people watch these free videos of yours, the chances of them actually buying something from you or attending your seminar or webinar, it’s going to be way higher. And the good news of course, is you can retarget those people who have actually been to your blog post or watched your video.

So these are the five types of ads that I suggest, most of you are probably not doing. I would suggest that you implement them immediately and I guarantee that you get phenomenal results from it. And this will help to fill up your seminars and your webinars.

I hope you enjoy these tips. Feel free to leave your comments below. And I’d like to hear your thoughts and please feel free to contact us if you got any questions.

Thank you.

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