5 Reasons People Aren’t Signing Up for Your Seminar

Five Reasons People Aren't Signing Up For Your Seminar


Seminars and webinars are an awesome way to educate and sell to your target market, but getting the right people to your event can be a challenge.

After marketing hundreds of events across the world, here are our observations as to the main reasons people aren’t signing up or turning up for your event.

Hope this video gives you some good insights and you’ll start filling up your events by rectifying these basic problems.

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Video Transcript:

Hi! This is Terrence Tam here. Today I’d like to share with you five reasons why people aren’t coming to your seminar.

So what are these five reasons that are stopping people from coming to your seminar?

I’m not talking about the fact that you may not be spending enough money on marketing or advertising. This is assuming you are spending the money on marketing and advertising but you’re still not getting people coming to your event. So what else could be wrong?

The first thing is that your topic may not be relevant. Look at the topic of your event, your seminar
or your webinar. Is it actually touching people’s pain points? Is it actually talking about the potential benefits that people might actually get by coming to your event? Maybe you need to look at testing different titles for your seminar or webinar. Or maybe you need to try different descriptions so that you’re touching the pain points and the desires of your target market.

This could be the first reason why people are not attending your event it’s because you don’t have a very attractive catchy event title. So work on that.

What could be the second thing that is causing people not to turn up for your seminar?

The second thing is that you could simply be charging too much for the event. Now I know a lot of you put up free events so that’s cool. This is not a hassle but some of you are putting up paid events and you are maybe charging few hundred dollars and in some cases, possibly a few thousand dollars ask the first point of contact for these people.

Now chances are if they’ve never been in touch with you before or you’re not a household name and you’re trying to promote an event and asking people to pay a few hundred dollars, a few thousand dollars in some cases. Chances of them turning up to your workshop or seminar is like very very little and you’re gonna have to spend a lot of money on advertising in order to get very, very little return.  So think about your pricing strategy. Try a lower pricing model and usually that should bring people into the rooms.

The third thing is you know tying in with the second thing is people are thinking “Who the heck is this guy or girl?”

If they’ve never heard about you in their lives, unless you have a free event, the chances of them actually coming to want to attend and spend a few hours or a day at your event is very, very little.

If you haven’t spent time building a personal profile, if you haven’t spent time building a personal brand, if you haven’t spent time putting out good useful content out there the chances of people actually investing time or money to come to your seminar or webinar is very much lower. Especially for seminars.

Webinars since it’s free or it’s online, in the convenience of their house it’s much easier. But when you’re asking people to get out of their couch, you are competing with Netflix and they are having to get into a car and drive to your event, fight traffic jams, look for a carpark. Man, that’s a lot of what to do! So yeah if you haven’t done it yet. You need to start building a brand and putting value out there into the marketplace.

The fourth thing is that your marketing message may not be connecting. You’re not touching the right pains and desires as I mentioned before, in your marketing message.  In other words, your video script actually sucks or your copywriting is sucky.

You’re not hitting the right pain points and the right desires which is why people do not identify with the ad when they read your ad or they’re not even reading the ad at all which is why they’re not signing up for your event.

Okay, so you need to spend some time to think about what are the true desires to do some research. I’ve got other videos about that on how to do research, about research on their pain points, research on the desires and spend money on a proper I have proven copywriter to actually write your ads or your video sales letter.

So that is the fourth thing and the final thing is that you could be targeting the wrong people. Now Facebook has a very powerful algorithm and it’s got very, very powerful targeting options.

Use those but you need to know your market first you need to know who you should be targeting before you input those people into your interest targeting.

Alright, I hope these 5 reasons has given you some “aha” moments.

Maybe you start thinking “Well you know maybe I need to write a better message. Maybe I need to change the title of my events. Or one of the other things. Whatever it is, I hope you can comment like or share this video and if you got any questions or if you need help, feel free to reach out and talk to us.

Look forward to hearing from you.

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