4 Ways to Write Scroll-Stopping Facebook Ads

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Are you struggling to get results from your Facebook Ads… but you can’t seem to figure out why? 

So here’s a mistake that we see all the time;

Most business owners rely on a generic message to promote their business.

Instead of writing specifically for a particular audience, they try to appeal to everyone. 

In the end… it fails to capture the attention of their intended target audience.

Let’s face it, when people are on social media, they will just skim through the ads at a lightning speed…

… but if you can get their attention with a strong headline that’s RELEVANT to them, you have a better chance that they might read the whole thing.

If you are looking for ways to ‘stop the scroll’, then you need to watch this video.  

We will reveal 4 ‘tested and proven’ Facebook headlines that have been shown to effectively hook readers attention. 

Here’s a sneak peak on the 4 types of headlines that ‘stop the scroll’.  

1. The first approach is designed to grab readers’ attention by shocking them. 

It’s like hooking a fish on a line. By hooking your readers with a startling topic, you will leave them yearning for more information. 

2. The second approach was inspired by a renowned entrepreneur. 

It’s a unique approach that helps you craft attention-grabbing headlines using your authenticity and unique story. Find out how as we demonstrate this unique approach in the video. 

3. Thirdly, this approach showcases you, as someone who was not expected to succeed… But surprisingly, did it. We will reveal how we use this approach in our ads. 

4. Last but not least, use it while it lasts. In this approach, we will explain ways you can piggyback on what’s HOT, to get people’s attention. 

To top it all off, we’ve saved you the best for last: a bonus tip that will ‘wow’ your readers and stop them from scrolling on the newsfeed. 

Watch this video to find out what it is.

Video Transcript

Hi. This is Terence from Radical Marketing. If you’re a coach or guru, then you have come to the right
video. Because in this video, I want to show you 4 ways on how to make your Facebook ads really
stand out
and get more clicks and also stop the scroll. So first of all, let me start by saying that
people always make this one mistake when it comes to Facebook ads. I see so many coaches do this
same thing.

The messaging is always, hey, if you want to make 7 figures or 6 figures within X amount
of days, click here and get my free report or free consult or whatever it is. Now, there’s no problem
with that. The only issue is that everybody is using that same ad. So you sound like just like
everybody else
, the whole idea of using the big promise as the marketing angle, in this case, the big
promise of making a lot of money in a short period of time does not work so well anymore because
everybody’s seen a lot ads like millions of times before.

So if you want to use it, yeah, you get some results. But if you really want some kick ass results, then watch this video as I review 4 ways to craft messages that really, really get you results on Facebook ads. And all this is actually from our real campaigns that I’m sharing with you that are actually working, all right? So this is not some fluff of theory. This is like it’s backed by hundreds and thousands of dollars of ad spend. All right? So first of
all, let me give you 4 types of messaging that really works in this current environment for coaches
and for gurus
as well, alright? So first of all, I want to basically share with you.

The 1st  way to get people’s attention and stop the scroll is by creating controversy, right? Now, everybody
loves a little controversy, right? And whether that’s controversy in their lives or whatever, the curiosity,
naturally you just want to find out what on earth is so controversial about the topic. So if you start
your message, your Facebook ad with a controversy, like what we did recently, for one client,
the messaging was something along the lines, like why the government wants to make this
investment illegal, right? I know that’s very ‘agora’ like, but this is something that gets people’s

People are like, wow, what is this thing? Right? Get the free report on the five investments
that the government wants to make illegal. Whoa, I really want to find out about that, right? And
that’s where people click and download. And that’s why we’re getting awesome results with this
right now, using that controversy angle. So that’s the first one I want to share with you now.

 2nd one is what I call the train wreckActually, I’m borrowing this from Ryan Dice. I first heard this from him.

So credit goes to him. And it’s about starting a message with a train wreck. So what is
a train wreck? So a train wreck is something bad that happens, right? As humans, we are wired to
respond to negative news, right? And that’s why news outlets always publish negative news,
because that gets eyeballs, right? People love sharing all this negative news. I personally hate it. But
hey, it is what it is, right? People are wired that way from the ancient days where we were wired to
watch out for the tiger, the sabertooth tiger that’s going to bite us.

Well, now it’s all about bad news. People are still like, they cannot stop reading bad news, which is kind of a
bad thing. But anyway, judgments aside, the fact is that people pay attention to bad news. So as marketers,
as coaches, how can we use this? So one example is like, I can think of is like, how I made one mistake that cost me 42,000 running Facebook ads. This is what this, that kind of headline, that kind of messaging will get
people wondering, whoa, what does this guy do to actually make such a big loss, right? So that is
something that will catch people’s attention, is that you confess to making a big mistake without
devaluing your brand because somehow you came out of it.

That is going to be very attractive and going to stop people scroll, stop people scrolling and start people clicking. And the other thing, the other benefit I can think of sharing this is that it also makes you look vulnerable as a coach or guru. And people like that authenticity, that’s coming true right now because everybody is like projecting, oh, I’m so awesome on Facebook or social media and I can do no wrong, right?

People are just sick of that. People want some real authenticity, some connection. And if, say, for example, your prospects have gone through the same mistake, bam. You instantly make that connection, right? So that’s the second one I like to share, which is the train wreck type of approach to writing ads.

And the 3rd type of angle is the ‘unlikely hero’ angle, right? The ‘unlikely hero’ angle is where you have somebody unexpected that you won’t expect to achieve something go on To achieve that something. 

For example, one of our recent ads was something along the lines of computer hacker
discovers a unique way to hack business growth, right? Because normally you wouldn’t think of a
computer hacker being able to show you how to grow a business, but now it’s like, oh, wait a
minute, what is this computer hacker doing? And how come he knows how to grow a business and
he has grown multiple seven figure businesses, right?

People are curious to find out. So as a coach,
as a guru, or think back to what your past experience, your past life has been, right? Your previous
careers, your previous endeavors, what have they been that you can actually use for this particular
type of ad where you’re sharing some of your backstory. Maybe you were at some point in time a
cocktail waiter, right? And you can share cocktail waiter discovers new system to achieve XYZ, right?
So I think that is something that you need to look back into your own background, your own history,
and use that so that people suddenly find that, wow, this unlikely hero, right? So that’s the third
approach, using the unlikely hero.

And finally, the 4th approach is to use piggybacking,
piggybacking on the hot trend. Recently, once again, we ran an ad for a client that just came to us
and the previous agency was again using that same old messaging, as I previously mentioned to you,
about make X amount of dollars in X amount of days. Well, we completely changed it and we said
how I’m using AI or Chat GPT to generate a passive income, right? So that is like chat GPT. And AI is a
hot trend right now, right? Everybody is coming up with courses, coming up with talking about Chat
GPT, talking about AI right now.

So we decided, why not hop on this bandwagon and talk about it in
a way that relates to our clients. So similarly, you can also think about, even if you’re not using AI,
you can think about how you can tap into the AI trend or any other current trends right now that
relate to your business and your offering. So there you go. Those are the four things that you can do
to really get people to stop the scroll and click on your ad. And one final thing, and this is the secret
sauce, right, is you can potentially combine these four together, not necessarily all together, but you
can combine two or three together.

For example. So let me just randomly come up with something is like, my teenage son came up with this AI program, lost me $10,000 in 24 hours. And then you can obviously pivot as to the lessons you learn and what came out of it and how they can benefit from it, right from in the rest of the ad. But with that kind of headline, you’re combining the unlikely hero, you’re combining train wreck, you’re combining a Hot topic, piggybacking on a Hot topic. With that combination, it can also get more powerful. But don’t force it, right? Just like just now, I’m trying to force it, to be honest. But yeah, it totally works when you combine maybe two or three of them
together. So consider that too.

So, yeah, that’s it, guys, please stop writing those generic ads that everybody else is writing. Start using some of these elements. And yeah, once you use it, I’m sure you get much better results.

So I hope you enjoyed this video. And if you are watching it on Facebook, sorry, on YouTube, make sure you subscribe and like this and leave us a comment because I like to hear from you,.

And if you’re watching it on our blog, make sure you check out all the rest of the blog posts that are available on our website. Radical marketing.

Thanks for watching. 🥰

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