3 Ways for Coaches to Gain Customer Trust

If you’re looking to grow your business, there’s one thing you can’t ignore – TRUST. 

Building trust with your clients is one of the most critical factors that determines the success of your business.

Before we dive into the strategies for building trust, let’s first look at the benefits:

Repeat business: Clients who trust you are more likely to keep buying your products or services. You can get a lot of revenue for almost no ad spend due to repeat business.

Referrals: Satisfied clients are also more likely to recommend your services to others. This can help you reach a broader audience and attract new clients.

Positive reputation: Besides branding you as an authority in your niche, it can also open doors to more opportunities for collaborations with others.

Building trust isn’t rocket science – but you’ll need to have some strategies.

In this video, I’ll share 3 ‘hacks’ that’ll propel you to the top of your clients’ ‘trust-meter’. Here’s some teaser info about each of these strategies:

1. This first strategy is a common one that’s used by many businesses but they only restrict themselves to one channel. But you can actually use multiple channels.

When you do this, it’s like you’re putting out many fishing rods all over. This will attract your clients to take your ‘bait’ and then you can start reeling them in.

  2. This next strategy is not commonly used by marketers in this part of the world, but it’s a real game changer          if you do it right.

The advantage is that you only need to do the work once, but it will pay for itself many times over in the long run. It’s like a ‘silent salesman’ that never sleeps and the cost is dwarfed by the ROI that you can achieve with this strategy.

3. The final strategy will help you get your name out there and establish you as a trusted authority in your field.       I’ll reveal different ways you can do this.

I didn’t think this strategy was that important until I found out that this helped a friend to grow his ad agency’s business by 4X!

So if you’re finding it an uphill battle to increase your sales, watch the video below and start using some of these strategies.

Video Transcript 

Hey, if you’re a coach and you’re wondering how to get more customers, how to close more deals,
one of the key ways is to build more trust with your prospects. 

Today I want to show you 3 unconventional ways to build massive trust so you can close more deals and expand your coaching business and make a bigger impact.

Hi. My name is Terence from Radical Marketing. And what we do is we help coaches to actually scale their businesses and we share various marketing strategies and growth strategies on this channel. So if you’re a coach and would like to get more of this information, make sure you subscribe.

Right now. let’s hop onto the 3 ways to gain massive trust with your prospects.

Now, the first way I would suggest is that you start writing long-form blog posts.

Content posts that are of great value, right? No sales pitches here guys. This is like just pure content. You can put in your case studies, put in your strategies. And this is what we use in our agency to get a lot of high quality clients. Now make no mistake, we have used paid ads before and we found that paid ads, the types of customers or prospects that we get, really low quality, high sales resistance compared to those who actually discover us on Google, right? Through SEO, through the articles we write, when they come to us, sales resistance way down. They trust us way more.

And because of that, we are able to close more of these prospects because they came through SEO
rather than through paid ads. So I would highly recommend that you produce high quality content is
what we call pillar posts. There are 3000 to 5000 words long, like a definitive guide kind of thing to
whatever niche that you’re serving. I think that is going to help you to get higher quality clients and
boost your business. And more importantly, people that come to that blog post, they are going to
trust you way more.

The other thing is to do content on YouTube as well, which is what I’m doing right here. And if you’re watching this, I guess it’s working. So yeah, make sure you just do content on YouTube and make sure it is SEO optimized so that people can find your content, right? The other thing you might want to consider, and this is what we’re doing too, is to actually create your own podcast. Now, the reason I’m creating podcasts, is actually 2 reasons, right?

 First of all, is that we are actually going to interview high-level coaches. And through that, if other coaches see our podcasts and they see, wow, these big names have been interviewed by Radical Marketing, they must be
pretty good, right? So that builds trust for us. And the second thing of course, that podcast will also open doors of opportunity for us to have conversations with these high level coaches. But that’s not about trust building, right? But this is kind of like a tactic as well to get more potential clients that I like to share with you. So consider starting a podcast because that could also help you to boost customer trust in you.

 So, second big thing is that consider writing a book.

You knew this was coming, weren’t you? But you’re not prepared to do it now. Let me tell you,
writing a book is a huge undertaking, all right? I won’t deny it. We are writing a book ourselves right
now, and it’s taken me literally 2 months. What we’re writing about is 7 highly effective funnels for
coaches and that is consuming a whole ton of time. But we are able to share so many case studies,
so much examples of what works over the past 10 years, really in our agency. So that is really cool
because it gives me time to reflect and also a lot of the chapters in the book and we repurposing
them for our blog as well, which is pretty awesome. So killing two birds with one stone, kind of nice

That is also another reason, but just the most important thing is that when you have a book, you’re
an instant authority.
That’s why we’ve been ingrained in our subconscious since we’re young, that if
someone writes a book, they must be an authority or at least an expert, right? So I think that is so
important if you can write a book that will position you head and shoulders above the rest. So
consider writing a book. 

And the other thing about writing book for us anyway, we are using it in part of our sales process. So for example, if a customer starts talking to us, a prospect starts talking to us and we think that, hey, this is a pretty good prospect, we like to do business with them, but they’re kind of on the fence. We can actually send them book and that will form part of our sales process because having that book sent to them, that’s going to be a game changer. If they’re talking to other marketing agencies and only we are the only ones who are going to send them the book, guess who’s going to win? We’ve got a pretty good chance. I would say similarly for your business, that could actually happen.

 I think the other thing I like to say about writing book is that you don’t have to write all yourself. There are these people called ghost writers and one of my clients. For example, they did multiple interviews, like a series of, I think 7 or 8 interviews on Zoom. And next thing you know, they got a full, like 250-300 page book. So that’s a pretty worthwhile exercise, I would say. I didn’t do it ourselves because there was too many case studies and stuff that we need to include in our book, so we didn’t do it. But that could be a huge time saver for you if you’re not really the writer type, right? 

Idea number 3, to gain massive trust is to do publicity. 

I’m talking about traditional media publicity by doing press releases, of course, but don’t restrict yourself to that. Why not get on podcasts as well to publicize yourself. Get on other people’s stages as well so that you can share the stage. 

Especially if you get on the stage where you have some big names sharing the stage with you or even in podcast, that’s going to boost your credibility a lot and take the opportunity take a photo with those other speakers as well, which is what you should do anyway. The whole idea about publicity at first didn’t appeal to me, right? Because I’m thinking, why should I do any press releases? and publicity doesn’t make any sense. 

But when I spoke to a friend of mine a few months ago that owns a traditional media agency, I mean, these guys are masters of building trust, right? Because they need to secure contracts worth millions of dollars at one go. And they do media publicity consistently every single month. And that was one of the strategies that actually helped them to grow from a $10 million valuation to a $40 million valuation in space of three years and secured some seriously big contracts. 

All right? So I’m just thinking, well, if this guy’s doing it, there’s really no harm for me to do it either. And really, for you, there is no harm to do it. You can get press releases for pretty affordable prices, few hundred dollars. And if you do it regularly, like once a month, you can also enjoy the SEO benefits to your website as well, because all these media sites are linking back to your website. 

So according to my SEO expert, he says that that actually helps your Google ranking. So I guess you can’t lose there. So I hope you enjoyed these 3 ideas on how you can massively build trust and also build your brand and differentiate yourself from the competition.

Really hope you enjoyed this video and got something out of it. And if you’d like to talk to us about
how you can scale your business, feel free to reach out to us. 

Be more than happy to talk to you. Thanks for watching and see you in the next video.

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