3 Factors to Scale Your Business Exponentially

Date: February 2, 2018
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Would you like to grow your business exponentially this year?

Then you need to have these 3 things in place:

1. A systemised, automated sales and marketing system.

If your business doesn’t have a way to generate new fresh leads consistently, then it’s gonna be really hard to grow your business.

Look into online ways of reaching customers and opening sales conversations.

And don’t be fooled…offline ways of reaching customers is by no means, dead. Take for example, live, in person seminars at a physical location always outsell online webinars.

A powerful marketing system means you have both online and offline ways of reaching out to your potential customers.

You also need good sales scripts and systems to convert your prospects into customers.

2. Systems and SOPs to deliver your products/services consistently.

If you are able to attract 2x-5x the number of customers into your business (which is not hard ) then you gotta make sure you have a standard consistent manner of delivering your product or service to your customer.

Without the proper systems and SOPs, your product and service deliver can suffer. And this could be a major problem as you will get disgruntled customers and stressed employees.

So spend some time to develop proper systems, checklists and SOPs to ensure you can deliver to a larger number of customers.

3. Superstar team members.

Finally, if you are serious about growing your business 2x to 10x a year, you need to hire superstars in your team.

Superstars will help your business grow faster. They are dependable and will be worth their weight in gold to your business.

Take your time to find and attract superstars into your business. Because one superstar is equivalent to 5-10 regular employees.

As the axiom says, “Take care of your team and they will take care of your business.” Make sure you reward them well, empower them and set bonuses for KPIs they achieve.



All 3 elements need to be present if you want to grow a high growing business.

At Radical Marketing we specialise in the first element: to help you develop a marketing system that helps you consistently churn out new leads.

Feel free to get in touch to see if we can help you build your automated online marketing system.



Terence has been passionately practicing and teaching marketing for 20 years. Since 2014 when Radical Marketing was set up, Terence has been helping business owners, speakers and experts from all over the world to fill up their seminar and webinar rooms with attendees.


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