3-Day Challenge Launch Case Study – Zero Ad Spend, 140 sign-ups!

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Are you a coach looking for new and effective ways to engage with your customers and promote your services? Online challenges might be just what you need!

Organizing challenges for your customers not only allows them to learn something and test their skills but also provides several marketing benefits for your business.

You can also create a fun and engaging experience for your customers while also promoting your coaching services.

Challenges can be any kind of activity, and by choosing a challenge that aligns with your coaching niche, you can show your customers your expertise and skills.

Challenges can be run in various ways, from short-term events to open-ended challenges. By creating a challenge with a specific start and end date, you can build excitement and urgency among your customers.

You can also create a sense of community among your customers by adding social media components, allowing them to share their progress and connect with others who are taking on the same challenge.

In this video, I’m going to show a case study of how our client managed to get leads and sales for his business with zero ad spend – only through the power of a great email campaign.

In this case, our client organized a 3-day free challenge on the topic of goal-setting.

Participants had to check in with our client for 30 minutes each day to get a short briefing and then they had to complete some assignments.

This particular client had a well-nurtured email list which we tapped to get people to sign up to the challenge. Then after each session was over, we also sent out a recording of the session and invited people to check out his higher-end paid program. By doing so, we managed to get sales without incurring any ad spend at all.

Another benefit of doing this challenge was that our client was able to engage with his list members in a fun way while further branding him as an expert in his niche.

Watch this video as I break down each email that we sent and the key techniques that made each email work.

Then think about doing a challenge and using some of these ideas to get impressive results for your business.

Video Transcript 

Hey guys, it’s Terence from Radical Marketing here and I’m here to share another exciting case study
with you here today. And that’s how we promote a 3-day challenge launch, and that’s entirely through email.

And I want to share this case study with you and share some of the results and hopefully you can get something that you can apply if you want to launch a challenge yourself as well.

So let’s get into the whole case study so you have some idea of what I’m talking about here. 

So let me give you a bit of context and background first so that you understand what this whole thing was about. So the client came to us and said, look, we have this huge database of 8000 people, this email list of people that we have accumulated in the past two years, and that’s true, promoting webinars predominantly. So we have this 8000 people plus database and not everyone has bought from them, right? So there is this opportunity obviously, and it’s mainly from webinars. 

So what we want to do here is to extend the funnel so that even if they attended a webinar and did not buy, we’re giving them a second chance to participate in an experience so that they can experience more of the client and get some results and hopefully sign up for the next offer in the whole funnel. Right? So it’s a 3-day challenge, 30 minutes a day. So it’s a very short challenge. So 3-days, 30 minutes a day so that they can do it during lunchtime. 

In fact, we scheduled this challenge during lunchtime so that people can attend during their lunch, right? What
we did was we sent out 6 emails and we got 140 sign ups from this 8000 people database. And bear in mind, this 8000 people database is not a very actively nurtured data email list, right?

So, yeah, it’s pretty exciting that we managed to get 140 sign ups because we have not been communicating with this database regularly and over the two years, maybe the client has not communicated regularly with them. So it’s a pretty relatively cold list, I would say.

But we still manage to get 140 sign ups and through that we got eleven people to ascend through 
the next offer, which was a reasonable outcome. Okay, so first of all, I just want to talk about what the offer is and I just want to quickly show you the landing page, which is well, let me just go here. Okay?

Right, so this is a goal setting challenge that the client is actually doing. It’s over three days. And as I said, it’s just 30 minutes each day. And online training, as you can see here, it’s all about goal setting. And the reason we’re doing this is right now, as we’re recording, this is start of the year. So we did it once in December and the second time, we’re doing it in January because as you know, start of the year, end of the year, people want to set goals, right?

So the one that we launched with the six emails was actually in December and the event was just before
Christmas, so people could participate in the event right before Christmas. The whole thing is that here we have the seven step goal setting system, how to remain motivated to achieve your goals, seven steps to
increase your income and performance by up to 1000%. 

Right? And who is it for? So, yeah, basically if they’re interested, sign up a bit of background of the client, which I guess it helps because once again, it’s a pretty cold list, right? Some bonuses to participate in the challenge, some testimonials, right?

Yeah. So there’s some videos loading here and what path you can choose, you keep wanting falling short or you want to have a new strategy to set goals, right? 

All right, so that’s the whole offer. And let’s look at some of the emails that we actually did. Kay, I won’t show you the full email because to go to each email will take way too long and it’s beyond the scope of this video. But I just want to give you a bit of an idea of what you can write in your emails.

Okay, so let me move this, which keeps getting in the way. Okay, email one is my Christmas gift to you. Remember, this was sent in December, so it’s my Christmas gift to you. And that curiosity to get people opening the email. And this is where we talk about how you achieve your resolutions for the last year. And I want to give this gift to you so that you don’t miss out on your goals again. So there’s the whole idea

behind it. So that’s email one, which was sent to a relatively cold list, as I mentioned, and second email is like, hey, will you fail in 2023? Now this is a bit provoking, bit can put a few people offsite, but we decided to take that risk because once again, it’s cold list and if you don’t, I guess, have a message that can polarize people, you won’t get the attention.

So the whole thing here is you fell in 2023, right? And of course the email is not so confrontational, but the headline was way more confrontational here because we wanted people to open the email. So in fact, in this email we actually gave a lot of use some content as to why people are not achieving their goals. So that kind of
maybe reduced the anger factors a bit more. But once again, good marketing is also about polarizing

Not to the extent where you’re getting all hate, but it’s kind of like, hey, you get attention, but you
kind of like after that you actually provide value and that’s kind of okay, all right. And email 3 is like,
hey, last chance before we close at noon. I’m sorry, but you got only a few more hours. So this is the
whole scarcity thing and urgency thing to get people to open the email, right?

So this is like last chance. Hey, quickly sign up because we’ll be starting the event and we’re closing our doors, right?

So those are the first three emails, and then we decided we want to do a second series of three. And this is based on the fact that some people were not happy that they were closed out. So, hey, we just wrote, hey, I got hate mail, right? 

So it’s logical that, yeah, some people missed out, they’re not happy. So we kind of said, hey, why not? Let’s use this as an opportunity to get a few more people through the door, right? I got hate mail. My inbox was literally overflowing with hate mail after shut down my three day challenge. So this is where we kind of like pivot to become a nice guy and say, hey, here’s your second chance. 

Don’t say that I didn’t give you a second chance, right? Because, hey, I’m a nice guy, right? So you’re on this side kind of thing, which got people signing up. So email 525, 24 hours later. Are you unstoppable? Look at the mirror. Are you satisfied with what you see? So this is the whole thing

Where are we getting them to self reflect a little bit? It’s end of the year, people are in this self reflection kind of mode, so we get them to reflect on themselves using this email and final email. Three more hours. Are you going to let 2023 stop? Once again, a little bit polarizing again, and that’s to get people to open the email again. Okay, three more hours. I’m closing my challenge down for good. 

If you want to set big goals and hit 2023 running, sign up now. Okay, so this is once again scarcity, which always works pretty well when it’s the final email because people just don’t want to miss out on stuff, and that’s playing on the whole FOMO thing and gets people to take action. So, once again, remember, this was with zero ad spend. We got 140 people into the challenge, I believe, and we got 11 sales. Not everyone attended, obviously, but I think around 40% of them attended and stuck with the whole thing. 

And yeah, we managed to get eleven sales out of it, so it’s a pretty decent result. So I think this is something I just want to share this case study to show you that you don’t necessarily need to spend a ton on that to market your events, your challenge. If you have a database and if you craft the right emails to launch something new properly, you can potentially get a ton of sign ups and then it’s really up to you to convert them into

So while we’re here, if you have a database and you want us to help you with a launch, feel free to reach out to us. Because right now we are offering one or two launches a month that we’re doing completely on a pay per result basis. We’re looking at one or two clients per month of people that want to do coaches, that want to do launches, and we’re just doing one or two launches per month. So there’s no upfront costs. 

But what we’re doing is we’re just going to take a percentage of what you sell. And in fact, what we’re going to do is we’re going to help you make your offer much better so that there’s more people that are going to apply for your offer. Whether it’s a challenge, a webinar, or a straight direct call to appointment, we’re happy to help you do that. I mean, the last time we did this, one of our case studies, which I think you should check out, they can potentially get a million dollars in revenue just from that one launch itself, and that’s to a similar size database as well.

The difference there is we help them to craft a very good offer. So this one was still good, and I think in
the future we are looking at refining the offer to improve things a bit further as we go forward. So, yeah, feel free to reach out to us if that’s something you want to consider. And you do have a database of people that we can launch it to. Right? You have a tribe. 

If you don’t have a tribe, you have zero in your email list then maybe it’s not so suitable. But if you got at least 1000 of engaged people or 5000 at least of people who are not so engaged but that’s okay, we can still work with it. Then feel free to reach out to us and let’s see whether what we can do together. Maybe we can help
you do a multi six figure launch or whatever. 

Right, let’s have a chat. Okay, no promises, but once again, it’s risk free for you to have a chat to us, and we don’t collect anything up front and we just share the profits. I think that’s a pretty fair deal. So if that’s what you want, feel free to reach out to us. Otherwise, make sure you’re check out our other really awesome videos, really awesome case studies that I’m sure you can get a lot from.

All right, thanks for watching.

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