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Looking to Improve Your Online Sales?

One of the common frustrations people come to us with is that they can’t seem to get sales with their ads. 

They can spend tons of money on ads but for some reason…

…people simply visit their sales page don’t click the ‘buy’ button. 

Like a knight in shining armour coming to save the day, we’ve prepared this blog post so you can start generating sales online…

…and stop throwing your money at Facebook for ineffective ads. 

Here are the 10 things you need to do to transform clicks into customers. 


1. Overcome the #1 reason people don’t take action

Want to know the #1 reason people don’t take action? 

It’s because they don’t trust you or your product. 

It’s like the first time you bump into a stranger and he invites you home for a coffee. It’s just too weird. 

Here’s a general rule of thumb. The more you ask of your prospect, the more effort you need to spend making him or her trust you. 

So if you ask them to download a free report. Maybe a paragraph or two and a short landing page might do the trick. But if you are asking them to spend $99 on a training course…you really need to put in more effort. 

Maybe they need to watch a 5-minute video, read a long ad and sales page. 

Have lots of testimonials and guarantees. 

Or a try before you buy the program.

Pull out all the stops to get them to trust you before you can expect anyone to take out their credit card. 


2. Ask for a mini commitment

In line with #1, instead of asking for a $99 purchase, you might want to ask for something with a lesser commitment. 

Here are some ideas: 

  • Ask them to download a free report first, then sell them on the follow-up 
  • Offer them a smaller product that’s at a lower price point…and upsell them afterwards 
  • Give them a free trial 
  • Offer them a free sample 
  • Ask them to watch a webinar 
  • Ask them to attend a seminar 
  • Invite them for a free consultation 
  • Download a free brochure

All these can be the ‘prelude’ to offering them your main product. 

This is because sometimes they need to be educated or feel more comfortable before they are ready to buy. 


3. Bonuses

Consider adding bonuses to your offer to make your offer more attractive. 

If your bonuses are relevant and of value to your prospects, you will increase your conversion rates dramatically. 

Here are some examples to consider: 

  • Extended warranties on electrical products 
  • Free accessories 
  • Free book and courses on information products 
  • Free shipping 
  • Get one free when you buy one 
  • Coupons, discount vouchers to similar products 
  • Free upgrades 
  • Free training 

You get the idea. 

This makes them more likely to pull out their credit card. 

Which brings us to the next point. 


4. Value-stacking

One of the major objections from prospects is that they aren’t sure if they are ‘getting a good deal’. 

The natural inclination is to go shopping elsewhere to see if they are indeed getting the product at a good price. 

That’s why #3 is so important. 

But what’s also important is to assign a value to your bonuses, so that people can see ‘Wow I am spending $99 on this product and I’m getting an extra $200 in free bonuses’ 

And don’t just place a value on what they actually get. 

But also tell them how much time/money they actually save by using your product/service versus the ‘old way’. 

For example, “Our customers save on average $300 a year on power bills with this latest inverter air-cond model’.  


5. Reverse the risk

There’s always a risk when a prospect buys a product or service. 

  • “Will this really work?” 
  • “What if I don’t get the results they promise me?” 
  • “What if I don’t get the product I pay for?” 
  • “What if I am paying too much?” 

All these are valid questions that need to be addressed.

If you understand what risk your prospects perceive when buying your products and you can address those risks…

…you raise the chances of getting a sale. 

You can reverse the risk in the form of a guarantee or warranty. 

  • Lowest price guarantee 
  • 30-day money-back guarantee
  • Satisfaction guarantee
  • Don’t pay anything until you try it for 10 days

All these will serve to minimise the risk of buying your product. 


6. Create testimonials that convert

Testimonials are a great way to give your prospects the confidence to buy from you. 

Nowadays consumers are more discerning, so written testimonials are less effective compared to video testimonials. 

If you can only use a written testimonial then make sure you at least have a photo of the person. 

But nothing beats a good video testimonial. Particularly a video testimonial where your product/service has actually changed someone’s life and they share their experience with emotion. 

So treat your customers well and ask for video testimonials from them. 

In addition, allowing your customers to give reviews of your products online if you are an e-commerce store is a powerful strategy to get people to buy…provided you have a good product that people will rave about. 


7. Create urgency to buy now

One of the common barriers to people buying is that they feel they can put off their purchase decision until later…

…but ‘later’ often leads to a path called ‘never’. 

So you need to give them an extra reason not to delay their purchase decision. 

Have a limited time bonus, discount or limit quantity so they have a good reason to act now. 

Better still, have a timer on the page that tells people the deal will go away after a certain time. 

There are technologies out there that will remember each unique visitor by their device so the countdown won’t reset each time they come back. 

This will force the fence-sitters to make a decision now.  


8. Create awesome ads

Apart from structuring a great offer, a major issue is that people don’t write good ads that persuade the prospect to take action. 

Copywriting and creating good video ads is a skill that can’t be learnt overnight but here are some quick guidelines: 

  • Are you making a big promise that will get their attention? (Feel more energetic) 
  • Are you addressing problems your prospects have? (Can’t concentrate, feel tired) 
  • Are you explaining why you can solve their problem? (Contains antioxidants) 
  • Why is your product different? (Derived from organic green tea) 
  • Is your call to action convincing? (Stop tiredness with one pill a day)  

Most online ads don’t provide enough information for people to make a decision. 

Because marketers think that people won’t read long ads or long videos. 

But the fact is, well-written long ads often outperform short ads and get better customers. 

Ultimately, test both long and short ads for yourself to find out.  


9. Advertise to the right audience

If you have done 1 to 8 above and people are still not buying… 

…there’s a chance you are advertising to the wrong people. 

Get deep into analysing the number and test different audiences to see which audience responds the best. 

Dig into your customer’s interests, age group, media usage and lifestyle…

…and figure out what marketing channel(s) are the best to reach them.

Find out who your main competitors are targeting and where they are advertising…

…this will give you valuable clues as to who you should be advertising to.  


10. The money is in the follow-up

Every good salesperson will know that it takes an average of 7-12 points of contact on average before a sale is made. 

The online world is no different. 

You will need multiple points of contact, ideally across different marketing channels, in order to secure a sale. 

In doing marketing for our clients, we will often use all the major channels like Facebook, Instagram, Linkedin, Google and Youtube to target and retarget the prospects. 

And then add email, SMS, automated voice drops and even telemarketing to close the sale. 

You need to plan out a sequence of contact points and what message you intend to communicate at each point. 

Don’t think that one Facebook ad to a single sales page will make you millions…it won’t. 


In summary…

Many people are not getting the results they want from their online marketing simply because they don’t have a good offer. 

The second reason is they don’t have the right lead generation marketing strategy

We hope this article is enlightening to those of you who have tried online marketing in the past but it didn’t work for you. 

If you implement these 10 strategies you may finally have an online system to convert all those clicks to customers. 

Good luck and feel free to reach out to us if you are interested in having a team of professionals with your online marketing.

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