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Discover how our ‘Pay for Results’ Model can help you to confidently scale up your business

(Don’t pay retainers – pay for results!)

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The Radical Marketing Difference

Digital Marketing For Coaches

Businesses and coaches who want to leverage the incredible power of selling one-to-many from the stage have always encountered this one problem:

“How do I fill up my seminar (or Webinar)?” 

The good news is Radical Marketing has been doing this since 2014. We regularly market and help fill up 30-40 Webinars a month.

Stop wasting time and money with ‘generalist marketers’ who hold you back from scaling your business.

Work with specialists with years in this field and confidently scale your business.

“After working with Radical Marketing for 40 days, we achieved a new record number of attendees… a massive 3x increase over our previous best!”

High Converting Landing Page Checklist

Swipe our Free 15-Point Checklist for creating a highly profitable Webinar/Seminar funnel and put an end to wasteful marketing dollars.

Our Services

Radical Marketing has been successfully promoting seminars since 2014. We are considered one of the top seminar marketing and promotion agencies across multiple countries. 

Radical Marketing specialises in driving quality webinar participants to your webinar through our refined strategies, targeting methods and optimisation techniques.

Spend your time selling to hot leads instead of looking for them. We provide business owners with high quality leads at a fixed price – so you can confidently exceed your revenue targets.

Funnel Building Services

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1-on-1 Coaching

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Monthly Marketing Management

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Client Experiences

CEO, Wealth Mentors (SG)

Aaron Sim

“Terence helped me reduce my average client registration cost from $150 to $52.65 within 30 days. This could potentially save my business over a million each year. I would highly recommend him for your social media marketing efforts.”

Founder, Unleash Learning

Dr William DeJean

“For my last webinar, Radical Marketing’s efforts gave us 420 sign ups in 3 days. The amazing part is they only spent $100 in ads to achieve that result for us.”

CEO, Beyond Insights

Terence Teoh

“After working with Radical Marketing for 40 days, we achieved a new record number of attendees…. a massive 3x increase over our previous best!”

Case Studies

7 Lessons from getting 14,068 webinar signups

Webinar Registration Explosion

In 9 days, we made that happen with over 14,000 people signing up for this event.  All this happened amidst a COVID-19 lockdown and a stock market crash. And we did it in 7 days. 

Massive Marketing Cost Savings

We don’t want to brag but the results speak for themselves. We managed to cut the cost per registration by over 74%!

We will show you how we did it.

Seminar Marketing - Massive Cost Reduction Case Study
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